FarmVille 2 Great Britain Crafting Recipes: Everything you need to know


Just as every new theme in FarmVille 2 comes with a series of new crafting recipes, so too has the Great Britain theme been accompanied by a trio of recipes that are available to craft within the Crafting Kitchen for a limited time. These recipes will be available for 27 days, giving you an extra week on top of the time that the themed trees and crops will be in the store themselves, and we're here with a look at these three recipes to let you know if they're worth it. Let's get started!

The first recipe is Elderberry Tea, which can be created using 12 Elderberries and three Lemon Waters. The Elderberries come from the Elderberry Tree, which is available to purchase in the store for 12 Farm Bucks. Unfortunately, if you choose not to purchase the Elderberry Tree, you'll need to hope that at least one of your neighbors did so that you can attempt to earn some of these berries for free when tending the tree on their farm(s). As for the Lemon Water, this is a valuable item in and of itself, as it requires Water to craft, which could otherwise be used to plant more crops or water more trees. A single Lemon Water sells for 150 coins, but that still doesn't detract much from the Elderberry Tea's sell price of 2,560 coins. It's all a matter of whether or not the Elderberry Tree is worth the investment to you in the long run.

Moving on, the second limited edition recipe in this theme is the Bottle of Rose Jelly, which can be crafted using the English Rose crop that is available to plant for coins from the game's store. You'll need eight English Roses along with three Sugar to complete a single batch of the Rose Jelly, with Sugar being earned by sending out direct request to neighbors. This makes the Sugar ultimately "worthless" on its own, while an English Rose is only worth 59 coins each. The final Bottle of Rose Jelly can sell for 1,510 coins, definitely making this recipe worth the investment, if you have a lot of friends that are willing to give you Sugar on a regular basis.

Finally, Petit Fours can be created using ingredients we've already seen released in the game prior to this. A single batch requires three Berry Custards and three Batters to craft, with each requiring multiple steps to prepare. The Berry Custard, for instance, requires three Blueberries and one Custard to craft. A custard requires Milk and Eggs, and when you finally make a Berry Custard, it's worth 330 coins on its own.

As for the Batter, this is worth 290 coins each, and it requires Eggs and Flour (yet another crafting recipe) to create. By the time you make the Petit Fours, you'll be investing items worth 1,860 coins, making the overall payout of 2,720 coins for each Petit Four far less impressive than it could be. Feel free to skip creating this recipe altogether if you'd rather invest those Custards and Batters into something else.

Again, these recipes will only be available to create for a limited time, so make sure to use up your Elderberries and English Roses before they expire and earn as much money as you can in the process.

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What do you think of these three Great Britain themed crafting recipes? Will you bother crafting the Petit Fours, or will you save its required crafting items for other recipes? Sound off in the comments!