CityVille '2nd Anniversary Gifts': Everything you need to know


Earlier this month, we brought you a preview of CityVille's upcoming second birthday celebration on Facebook, which started with a Fireworks Barge that players can now place in the water outside of their city's land. Now, the anniversary celebration has really been kicked up a notch, as a party plane has "accidentally" spilled all of the game's 2nd Anniversary Gifts all over your town. You'll need to find them all over a limited time period in order to win some major prizes, including XP, Zoning Permits, and even free land expansions. We're here with a look at this feature, thanks to Zynga. Let's get started!

Track the Packages

  • Ask friends for 15 GPS Trackers

  • Expand your City

  • Open an Anniversary Cargo Container

First things first, the GPS Trackers can be earned by posting a general news item to your feed, asking your friends for help. If you're looking to finish this task more easily, make sure to play and post while on, as you can rely on both strangers and friends for help at the same time. Meanwhile, the city expansion can be completed by collecting enough Zoning Permits and by adding population to your town, just as you would expand normally outside of any goal. Finally, the Anniversary Cargo Container task will show you the menu below, which contains a list of the five packages that have been scattered around your game. Clicking on "Show Me" below any container warps the map to that view point, as you can see the packages outside of your town's limits.

To open the first Blue Anniversary Gift, you'll need to collect five each of Thank You Cards, Party Hats, Ribbon Shears, Birthday Cakes, and Anniversary Banners. These items are earned mostly through a combination of general news posts and individual friend requests, but the Ribbon Shears are earned by tending "City Anniversary" buildings that have been launched in the game's store. The coin options here are a Party Supply Store and Blue Anniversary Retreat Home, which cost 150,000 coins or 100,000 coins each, respectively. Thankfully, you can work on collecting these building materials before actually expanding your city to the Blue Anniversary Gift's square. If you can complete this first goal before this event expires in 20 days, you'll earn three Zoning Permits and 50,000 coins.

Precious Cargo

  • Collect from 30 Anniversary Buildings

  • Open 2 Anniversary Cargo Containers

  • Collect from 50 Neighbors' Residences

Each container is opened in a similar fashion, so you'll need to be prepared to ask your friends for a ton of items, and must be willing to purchase plenty of Anniversary themed buildings to speed up the process. You could stick with just having one or two, but this entire birthday event is timed, so wasting time waiting for those few buildings isn't really the best way to go about things. Either way, completing this goal gives you 7 Zoning Permits and 100,000 coins.

Gifted Student

  • Ask friends for 15 Anniversary Crowbars

  • Open 5 Anniversary Cargo Containers

  • Collect 15 Ribbon Shears from Anniversary Buildings

While this goal has tasks that sound easy in theory, they're incredibly time consuming to complete, as you'll need to go through the separate "unlocking" process for each of the five Cargo Containers both in and around your city's limits. Once you do that, you'll be eligible for the grand prize: an Anniversary Tower for your city! You'll also receive 200,000 coins and 500 XP for finishing this final goal of the three. Again, this event is being timed, and you have just 20 days to finish all three goals and open all five containers before the second birthday celebration leaves the game. Good luck opening all of these containers and receiving all of your prizes in time!

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What do you think of this set of second birthday cargo containers in CityVille? Have you opened any of them yet? What did you receive inside? Sound off in the comments!