The Ville 'Playing for Keeps' Quests: Everything you need to know


It's been weeks since The Ville was restructured and dropped from Zynga's regular update schedule, but the game isn't entirely dead just yet. A brand new cross-promotion has launched in your avatar's home for the film Playing for Keeps, which will launch in theaters on December 7. In celebration of the film, players can now complete two different quests: "Playing for Love," and "Playing for Career," and we're here with a look at these quests to help you out. Let's get started!

Playing for Love

  • Watch the Playing for Keeps Trailer

  • Invite Someone Over for Dinner

  • Earn 100 Happiness

The trailer can be viewed by interacting with any TV in your pad. This launches a new pop-up window where you'll view an actual trailer for the film. As for the Dinner task, you simply need to invite a friend over to your pad, and you don't need to interact with that character to actually complete this task. Completing this first quest gives you a Red Trumpet Vine Trellis decoration for your pad.

Playing for Career

  • Watch the Playing for Keeps Trailer

  • Start a Web Design Job

  • Network with 3 Friends

Thankfully, watching the trailer just once finishes this task on both separate quests. As for the Networking, you'll need to click on your friends' avatars and click on Network three times. Finally, the Web Design job can be started on a basic Freelance Laptop (the silver one) with 40 Happiness points. Completing this particular task gives you an Elite Super Pro laptop. Does this item look familiar? It should, as it was given away for free in the game way back in July.

Both of these quests will likely only be available for a limited time, so if you're still playing the Ville, make sure you complete them and collect your rewards while you still can. Good luck!

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Are you surprised to see the Ville updated with new content? Are you still playing the Ville, or did you stop when the regular updates stopped? Sound off in the comments!