Littlest Pet Shop on iOS and Android is, dare we say, 'totes adorbs'

Littlest Pet Shop iOS Android
Littlest Pet Shop iOS Android

Seriously, Gameloft ... what's going on over there? You make your name in mobile gaming on ultra violence and explosions, and now you're making us go dawww with big-headed, cuddly critters. (Yes, aside fromMy Little Pony.) Just in time for the holidays, Gameloft released its take on hit kids toy franchise Littlest Pet Shop on iOS and Android for free.

Beyond 150 cutesy puppies, kittens, bear cubs and more to collect, here's a glimpse at what your zero dollars (up front, at least) gets you. In Littlest Pet Shop for iOS and Android, it's up to you to help Blythe and her friends--Minka, Penny, Pepper, Russel, Sunil, Vinnie and Zoe--care for various pets in washing. feeding and playing with them in a series of mini games.
Of course, you'll have to build homes for them along with play areas and more for them to inhabit. And, like in any self-respecting city-building game, you're able to visit friends' towns and find hidden objects within. And judging from the enormous branding opportunity that was My Little Pony, we imagine Littlest Pet Shop might experience similar success. But really, all we care about is gawking at those cutesy-wutesy faces.

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