FarmVille Mystery Game (11/25/12): These animals aren't for eating


The latest roundup of prizes in FarmVille's Mystery Game looks good enough to eat, but they're definitely much better as display pieces on your farms. This week's game contains six animals that have been modeled after fruits and vegetables, and it costs 20 Farm Cash to play. Remember, if you want one of these prizes without shelling out the Farm Cash, you should check your inventory to see if you have any free Darts that you've saved from goal prizes or other events. Either way, we're here with a complete look at this week's available prizes, with details and images being discovered by FarmVille Freak. Let's get started!

If you throw a dart at this week's balloon board, you'll have a chance of winning one of the following prizes:

Cauliflower Lion
Crying for Ewe (an Onion Sheep)
Grape Unicorn
Pineapple Porcupine
Strawberry Chicken
Tomato Pig

As usual, if you can win at least one of each of the six prizes above, you'll win an additional seventh item at no additional cost. This week's bonus prize is the Watermelon Cat. Remember though, you're very likely to earn duplicate prizes in a quest to earn this Watermelon Cat, so it could turn out to be quite an expensive animal in the long run. Keep that in mind before you begin spending all of that Farm Cash. Once again, this roundup of prizes will only be available until next Sunday, so good luck winning the specific prizes you're hoping for!

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What do you think of this week's prizes in the FarmVille Mystery Game? Which prize(s) have you won thus far? Sound off in the comments!