FarmVille Mistletoe Lane Shipping Licenses: Everything you need to know


Now that Mistletoe Lane is available for free to all players in FarmVille, it was only a matter of time before shipping licenses were released, allowing players to transfer items to and from this new farm. Whether it's the transfer of items from Winter Wonderland to Mistletoe Lane, or even from Mistletoe Lane back to your Home Farm (as examples), these Storage Transfer Licenses are incredibly convenient, but also equally expensive.

The Mistletoe Lane Shipping License can be purchased for a whopping 250 Farm Cash. If you buy Farm Cash at its normal price, that works out to be around $43 US, which is an incredibly expensive price for something that will, in theory, eventually be given away for free. If this Shipping License works like those from previous farms, we'll eventually be given the opportunity to "beat" Mistletoe Lane by completing tasks like all of the Holiday Square upgrades or the Holiday Animal Workshop, and will receive a shipping license for free after doing so.

Still, if you're anxious to bring your existing Christmas / Winter objects from other farms to Mistletoe Lane, and you have plenty of change to spare, you can now purchase one of these licenses right now.

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What do you think of these expensive Mistletoe Lane Shipping Licenses? Will you purchase one for 250 Farm Cash, or will you wait for one to be released for free? Sound off in the comments!

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