ChefVille 'Beefed Up' Quests: Everything you need to know


Thanksgiving is finally over in ChefVille, and Zynga is jumping back into regular events with the launch of the Meat Locker. This Meat Locker will allow you to permanently increase your Sirloin Beef storage to 20 individual units, up from the current limit of 15. There are three quests to complete while building this Meat Locker, and unfortunately, you'll only have six days to get it done. We're here with a complete look at finishing these quests, so let's get started!

Meet the Meat Locker

  • Place and Finish the Red Meat Locker

  • Cook 1 Grilled Steak Panini

  • Give 5 Chef's Services with Hamburgers

The Red Meat Locker takes up only one square of space in your restaurant, and it must be unwrapped three times before you can continue. From there, you'll need to add six friends to the item as "staff" in order to complete its construction. This is done by sending out individual requests to your neighbors, and while you're waiting for them to respond, you can worry about the quest's two cooking tasks. The Grilled Steak Panini must be cooked on the Grill using four Sirloin Beef, two Wheat Bread and five Onions, while the Hamburger is also cooked on the Grill using just one Sirloin Beef and one Wheat Bread. Completing this first quest gives you one Marinated Beef, two Parmesan Cheese and 50 coins.

Raw Deal

  • Cook 7 Dishes that use Sirloin Beef

  • Collect 4 Meat Thermometers

  • Tend 6 Neighbors' Pop N Shops

The Meat Thermometers are earned by posting a general news item to your wall for help, so make sure to play the game on in order to allow strangers as well as friends to help you here. For the Sirloin Beef task, you can either focus on cooking dishes you actually need to cook for Mastery Stars, or you can work with speed in mind by simply cooking things like Hamburgers on the Grill. If you have both Grills out and ready for cooking, you can cook two Hamburgers every 45 seconds

and have this task over in very little time. When you complete this next quest, you'll receive three Sirloin Beef, one Kidney Beans and one Salmon.

You Got Served Beef

  • Cook Roast Beef Sandwich 3 Times

  • Give 8 Chef's Services with Steak Florentine

  • Craft 2 Beef Broth

The Roast Beef Sandwich can be prepared in the Broiler using two Garlic Bread, five Sirloin Beef and four Salts, while the Steak Florentine can be cooked inside the Brick Oven using two Sirloin Beef, two Garlic and two Salt. This dish takes only five minutes, so luckily, it won't take you a tone of time to give those eight Chef's Services, even if you need to cook the dish more than once before actually getting to eight. Finally, the Beef Broth can be crafted in the Broth Pot. A single batch requires five Sirloin Beef, two Water and two Salt, and it only takes one minute to prepare. Thankfully, this isn't really a waste, as you'll be able to use that Beef Broth in other dishes after it's created. You'll only have six days to finish all three of these quests and complete your Meat Locker. Good luck!

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