SimCity Social: These new Diamond Vaults probably aren't worth the cash


Last month, EA / Playfish launched Diamond Vaults in SimCity Social with the promise that players would receive long-term rewards on their original investments by collecting Diamonds from their Vaults once per day. While that's technically true, the rate of return on these incredibly expensive Vaults is equally low, as players rarely receive more than one or two Diamonds a day, even on Vaults that were supposed to offer "up to 15" a day.

Now, a second duo of Diamond Vaults has been released in the game, promising even more Diamonds per day than the original Vaults, but they come with even higher price tags. The Elite Diamond Vault costs 520 Diamonds and is supposed to grant anywhere from 3-30 Diamonds per day, while the Epic Diamond Vault costs 900 Diamonds to purchase and will offer 4-40 Diamonds per day. While earning 30 or 40 Diamonds per day sound great, if the original Diamond Vaults are any indication, then you're unlikely to ever see such a high payout, instead being forced to collect just 3 or 4 Diamonds per day for the foreseeable future.

Are these Vaults worth it? I suppose that depends on how long into the future you think you'll still be actively playing the game, as that would determine whether or not you'll ever actually start making a profit. For example, if you earned even 5 Diamonds per day from the Epic Diamond Vault, you would need to play for 180 days, making sure to collect from the Vault each of those days, in order to make your money back, and you would never make a profit during that time. While there's no stopping extremely dedicated players from purchasing these Vaults for their towns, more casual players should definitely go in with a suspicious mind, as these Vaults will only truly be worth it for a few players.

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Will you purchase either of these new Diamond Vaults? Did you purchase one of the other Diamond Vaults? Have you ever earned the top daily prize from them? Sound off in the comments!

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