CityVille Fireworks Barge: Everything you need to know


As Zynga prepares to celebrate CityVille's second birthday on Facebook, we've seen the launch of a new Fireworks Barge that will allow you to celebrate with your citizens in your town. The Fireworks Barge can be placed in the water outside your city, and you'll need to do just that to complete the first of three goals in this Fireworks event.

Razzle Dazzle 'Em

  • Place Fireworks Barge

  • Play Fireworks Show

  • Ask friends for 10 Binoculars

The Binoculars come from a general news post placed on your wall, so remember to play the game on in order to earn these items from strangers as well as friends. Meanwhile, the Fireworks Barge can be completed by collecting a series of five building materials in bulk. The first items are cans of Star Dust, which can also be earned via a general news post. You'll need six in all, which will allow you to create the Starburst firework and set off the first show in your town.

There are four other shows to unlock in all, ranging from Weeping Dust to Happy Faces, and you'll earn other rewards for setting off these Fireworks as well. For instance, not only will you receive the 100 XP, 25,000 coins and five Phosphors for completing this first goal after activating the Starburst fireworks, but you'll also receive a lighter and 1,000 coins.

The fireworks will actually be displayed in your town, so make sure you're zoomed far enough out to watch them once the shows begin. Good luck completing all five shows in your town!

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What do you think of this Fireworks Barge? What other sorts of items would you like to see launched in CityVille for the game's second birthday? Sound off in the comments!