FarmVille: Stock up on Christmas Cheer with a Double Cheer Statue


One of the biggest incentives players have to level up in FarmVille's Mistletoe Lane is the fact that so many items in this new Christmas farm are locked to a certain Cheer Level. Without leveling high enough, some crops are never available to plant, and some decorations can never be used to add that Christmas flair to our farms, but with the Double Cheer Statue, reaching those items becomes much easier to do.

The Double Cheer Statue can be purchased for yourself or sent as a gift to a neighbor for 225 Farm Cash. That's around $40 US, but if you decide to splurge on yourself or a friend, you can place this Statue on your Mistletoe Lane farm and will receive double the Cheer Points (Mistletoe Lane's experience points) on all tasks that grant them.

Unfortunately, these Double Cheer Statues can't stack with others, so only one Statue can be used on your farm. However, there's no limit for how long your can earn Double Cheer Points, so as long as this Statue is out on your farm, you'll earn your boost in productivity. In addition, if there are ever game-wide events of Double Cheer for all players, it's likely that this wouldn't stack either, since regular Double Mastery Statues don't stack in those cases.

If you're interested in purchasing the Double Cheer Statue, you can find it in the store by either searching for it outright, or looking under the "Farm Aides" section. Good luck unlocking all of the items in the store with or without this Statue!

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Will you purchase a Double Cheer Statue to help boost your growth in Mistletoe Lane, or will you work to unlock items the old fashioned way? Sound off in the comments!