Tap and drag your way to high scores in Motley Blocks, now on iOS


Earlier this month, we brought you a review of Square Enix's Motley Blocks, a fast-paced tap-and-drag game on Android devices that sees players drawing lines between like-colored blocks as they rotate around the screen. Every connected block zooms into the center of the screen where it starts to form a final image, but only players with fast fingers will be able to complete these images before time runs out. While the game may have only been available on Android to start, iOS gamers can now get in on the fun as well via the game's launch on both iPhone and iPad.


Motley Blocks comes in both a free and paid version on both devices, with the free game coming with a limited amount of puzzles. The free version will also eventually be supported by ads, although those ads aren't present as of this writing. The paid version of the game comes with 30 additional puzzles to complete, and we expect this iOS version of the game to be just as enjoyable as its Android predecessor. If you're looking for a game that offers both relaxing gameplay and a challenge for those that want it, you can now download Motley Blocks for free on iTunes, or check out the gameplay trailer below for more.

Click here to download Motley Blocks on iTunes >

What do you think of Motley Blocks? Did you play the game on Android, or were you waiting for the game to launch on iOS before trying it yourself? Sound off in the comments!