FarmVille Colonial Items: Clock Tree, Quilted Bear and more


While many FarmVille items are bright, whimsical and even shiny, the game's expansive Colonial item theme brings a feeling of country living to the farm. These are items based on quilting, embroidery, old fashioned accessories and more, and we're here with a complete look at the items in this theme. Let's get started!


Clock Tree - 6 Farm Cash
Pocket Watch Tree - 12 Farm Cash
Quilt Tree - 8 Farm Cash
Embroidery Tree - 14 Farm Cash
Brooch Tree - 6 Farm Cash
Hair Comb Tree - 12 Farm Cash
Yarn Tree - 8 Farm Cash
Needle & Thread Tree - 14 Farm Cash


Quilted Bear - 14 Farm Cash
Farmer Chicken - 16 Farm Cash
Franklin Beagle - 12 Farm Cash
Crochet Pig - 16 Farm Cash
Saddlebred Horse - 26 Farm Cash
Nightcap Horse - 26 Farm Cash
Colonial Duck - 16 Farm Cash
Treasured Ewe - 16 Farm Cash
Quilted Cow - 20 Farm Cash
Colonial Cow - 20 Farm Cash


Colonial Tower - 15 Farm Cash
Blacksmith Shop - 15 Farm Cash


Rocking Rooster - 10 Farm Cash
Porcelain Fence - 10,000 coins
Colonial Judge Gnome - 12 Farm Cash
Colonial Lantern Stand - 500 coins
Spinning Wheel Goat - 10 Farm Cash
Brooch Bed - 1 Farm Cash
Owl Sculpture - 10,000 coins
Crochet Bales - 5,000 coins
Veggie Garden - 7,000 coins
Butter Churn Cat - 12 Farm Cash

These items will be available for either five or 12 days, depending on the item. We'll make sure to let you know if additional Colonial items launch before these expire, so stay tuned!

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What do you think of these Colonial items in FarmVille? Will you purchase any of them for your many FarmVille farms? Sound off in the comments!