CityVille 'City at Night Act 3' Goals: Everything you need to know


The "City at Night" saga in CityVille is drawing to a close as we've finally seen the release of Act 3 in the game's massive event. This set of goals will see you expanding your land in multiple directions while also purchasing and tending tons of items in the City at Night theme. We're here with a complete guide to finishing these goals, thanks to Zynga. Let's get started!

For Good Measure!

  • Expand to the Funky Flat

  • Ask friends for 20 Peculiar Protractors

  • Collect 25 Kooky Keys

The Funky Flat will be found outside your town's current city limits, forcing you to collect Zoning Permits and increase your population until you can eventually reach it. While you're working on those tasks, you can also ask your friends for the Peculiar Protractors via a general news item placed your wall. As usual, it's worth playing the game on to earn items like these, since you can earn them (in theory) faster from strangers than you can from friends. Finally, the Kooky Keys are earned when you collect from Nightlife Residences like the Miami Beach Apartment (50,000 coins) or the City Frat House (45,000 coins). When you complete this first goal in Act 3, you'll receive 10 City Lights and 300 XP.

Follow the Scent!

  • Ask friends for 10 Cologne

  • Earn Enough Lights to Hit Level 15

  • Collect 50 Night Lights

As Lights are earned when collecting from themed buildings, it's best to have as many as you can in your town to be more productive. The 50 Night Lights for this goal itself can be earned from Nightlife Community Buildings like the Late Night City Chat or Night Watch Police Station, with the latter being required for another part of this goal series in a bit. Finally, the Cologne is earned through another general news item posted on your wall. Completing this goal gives you 225 XP and 10 energy.

A Shoe In!

  • Ask friends for 15 Dress Shoes

  • Upgrade Night Watch Police Station to Level 3

  • Unlock the Fourth Expansion in the Famous Nightlife District

As we said before, this Night Watch Police Station is a community building that's available to purchase in the store for 750,000 coins. It can be upgraded to allow more citizens to live in your town at once, and you'll need to reach Level 3 before you can put these goals behind you. Remember, you'll also need more City Lights in order to expand into these "Famous Nightlife Districts," as each one requires you to be at a specific Light Level, along with the general requirements of Zoning Permits and coins. Once you complete this final goal in Act 3, you'll receive a massive 1 million coin prize, along with 30 energy and 500 XP.

Since you can work on all of these goals at the same time, you'll also receive another prize for eventually completing all three: the Geothermal Plant. What's more, if you can finish all nine of the goals in this entire City at Night Saga, you'll receive the Grand Prize in the form of the Night Carnival. These goals likely won't be around to complete forever, so make sure to make as much progress as possible before things get too hectic. Good luck finishing all three/nine!

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What do you think of this final set of goals in the City at Night event? Do you think you'll ever win the Night Carnival? How close are you to earning it already? Let us know in the comments!