FarmVille 2 Ready for Winter Crafting Recipes: Everything you need to know


A set of "Ready for Winter" crops and trees was released in FarmVille 2 this week, and Zynga is encouraging players to purchase those items by releasing a series of matching recipes in the Crafting Kitchen that will allow dedicated farmers to earn some coins back on their original investment. We're here with a look at the these three new recipes, which will all be available to craft for the next 26 days. After that point, any extra ingredients you have can be sold or saved for potential use later. Let's get started!

The first recipe is Tangerine Jelly, and as the name suggests, its primary ingredient is the Tangerine. Tangerine Trees are available to purchase for 12 Farm Bucks each, technically making this a premium crafting recipe. If you have friends that have purchased these trees for their own farms, you can also try your luck at earning some free Tangerines when visiting them, although you're never guaranteed to earn enough to actually craft some Jelly back on your own farm.

The Tangerine Jelly requires seven Tangerines and three Sugar cubes, which are available by asking your friends to send them to you. Since this Sugar has no real value, the selling price of 1,690 coins for each Tangerine Jelly comes straight from the Tangerines, making this a worthwhile recipe if you've already planned on purchasing a Tangerine Tree anyway.

The second recipe comes in the form of a jar of Apple Sauce, and it's available to craft using Fireside Apples and three Flour. The Fireside Apples come from the Fireside Apple Tree, which is available to purchase in the General Store and can be harvested once every 12 hours. Flour itself is a crafting project made with four Wheat, and a single Flour can sell for 90 coins. That makes this portion of the recipe worth 270 coins, while the overall Apple Sauce recipe can sell for 2,910 coins.

The final recipe is one that all farmers can create as much as they'd like, since it requires a crop that's available to grow for coins (that is, for free). That recipe is Pickled Cauliflower, which requires two Bottles of Salt and 12 heads of Cauliflower to create. The Salt is like the Sugar ingredient above in that it can only be earned through Farm Bucks or by asking friends to send some to you. As for the Cauliflower, this limited edition crop is available to plant for the next 19 days, and it takes six hours to grow. A single jar of this Pickled Cauliflower can sell for 1,290 coins.

Again, these recipes will only be available for a limited time, so make sure to use any of these Ready for Winter ingredients before the recipes expire and the ingredients lose their value.

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What do you think of these "Ready for Winter" crafting recipes? Will you purchase any of these Farm Bucks trees so that you can make these recipes? Sound off in the comments!

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