ChefVille 'Dip It Good' Quests: Everything you need to know


While most ChefVille players are busy working to complete the game's many Thanksgiving-themed dishes and quests, there's another time-limited feature that has just launched in the game. A new series of "Dip It Good" quests introduces us to the Dip Station, a new kitchen appliance that opens up an opportunity for us to earn more mastery stars as we play. We're here with a guide to finishing these "Dip It Good" quests, so let's get started!

Mix that Ranch

  • Place and Build the Dip Station

  • Craft 3 Ranch Dressing on a Mixer

  • Cook 5 Times with Ranch Dressing

The Dip Station is a large appliance, taking up four squares of land, so you might need to reorganize things to make it fit in your restaurant. It must be unwrapped using three energy, and from there, it requires six Veggie Storage Bins and four Cooling Racks to complete. The Veggie Storage Bins are earned through a general news post placed on your wall while the Cooling Racks are earned through individual requests sent to your neighbors. Remember to play the game on when you're sending out requests like this, as you can send individual requests to more than just your Facebook friends, and can rely on strangers for the Storage Bins.

As for the Ranch Dressing, a single batch requires one Milk, four Onions and two Garlic to craft. It takes 10 minutes, but since you can have three Mixers in your restaurant for free, you can definitely have them all crafting at once to save time. To

actually cook with the Ranch Dressing, you can cook items like Broccoli and Dip on the Salad Station or Veggie Dip on the Dip Station, both of which take two minutes each to prepare. For completing this first quest, you'll receive 15 coins, two Wild Onions and 10 XP.

Social Dipping

  • Get 6 Dip Bowls from Friends

  • Get 1 Mastery Star for Onion Rings

  • Visit Neighbors 6 Times

The Dip Bowls can be earned by posting a general request to your news feed, while the Onion Rings take three minutes to cook on the Dip Station. A single serving requires two Onions, two Ranch Dressing and one Salt, and you'll need to cook the dish four times before you'll earn the first Mastery Star. If you ever run out of Onions during this process, you can try your luck at earning some for free by visiting incredibly low level friends, as their lands are sure to have some. Conveniently enough, that will help you cross the "visit neighbors 6 times" task off your list as well. You'll earn two Marinated Beef, 15 coins and 10 XP when you complete this quest.

Dip and Dressing

  • Harvest 8 Wild Onions

  • Tend the Poultry Butcher 6 Times

  • Cook 2 Garden Salads

The Poultry Butcher can be tended once every five minutes, and you'll want to make sure that your inventory isn't full of chicken before you tend it each time. That is, it would be a shame to waste this excess chicken when it could be spent on other things. Meanwhile, the Garden Salads are cooked in the Salad Station using four Mixed Greens and two Ranch Dressings each. Good luck completing these quests in time!

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