U.S. Cities With the Most Vacant Homes

Empty homes in Gary, Ind.
Empty homes in Gary, Ind.

There may be plenty of signs that the housing market is recovering, but that doesn't mean that there aren't plenty of towns that are still hurting. Rising home prices and increasing sales aside, many cities are still overrun with vacant homes.

Though nationally the number of unoccupied homes decreased by 5 percent this year compared to last year, according to listing site Trulia, cities that continue to suffer from high unemployment, decreased population, high numbers of foreclosures and overbuilding are reeling in large numbers of vacant homes. And that can continue to tear at the local real estate markets.

Detroit is perhaps the most famous example of a city tortured by vacancies: There are 33,000 vacant homes there -- give or take a few thousand that have already been demolished. But there are others close on its coattails drowning in their own seas of vacant homes. Click through the gallery below to see which are the emptiest cities in America.

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