Game Insight celebrates Thanksgiving with a feast of five mobile game updates


Another holiday means another round-up of celebratory updates across Game Insight's slew of mobile titles on Android and iOS, and we're here with a look at how mobile gamers can be get their feast on across five different games. Let's get started!

My Clinic

My Clinic players can now decorate for the season at the hospital by picking up Apple Carts, Maple-Leaves, Turkeys, Pilgrim Hats and Pieces of Pie. A new WigWam collection is also available to complete for a limited time.

Mirrors of Albion

Mirrors of Albion combines Sherlock Holmes-style hidden object scenes with artwork and characters reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland, and for a limited time, players can join Alice's family for a Thanksgiving parade including turkeys that have started leaving the Mirror World to wander the streets of Albion. A new in-game quest will see players collecting decorative items and Pumpkin Pie to prepare for the Thanksgiving Parade, while new monsters including Roasted Turkeys and Pumpkin Pies are available for interaction. Finally, Pumpkin Pie, Festive Parade, and Horn of Plenty collections can be completed for a limited time.

Mystery Manor

Mr X's haunted mansion has been taken over with seven new quests, including a feature that sees players hunting for a turkey. The turkey's eggs contain fragmented shards of an amulet, and when completed, this amulet will increase a player's experience gained for searching a room by 25%. In addition, the amulet also increases the chance that items will drop as you play by 30%. Unfortunately, this boost isn't permanent, but it will remain active for 120 minutes, or two hours.

On iOS, players can also complete a Settler's Chest event, as well as being allowed to interact with a "Snatchin'" character that loves feathers.

Enchanted Realm

Game Insight's magical city-builder is celebrating Thanksgiving with all new quests and items available to purchase in the store. There appear to be seven new quests available to complete in all, while items like a Horn of Plenty, Big Turkey Statue, Orchestra, and a Puss in Boots Giant Balloon are temporarily available to purchase in the store. New hats, Turkeys, Cranberries, Maple-Leaves and more are available through the game's themed quests and collections, so make sure you take advantage of this massive update while it's still available.

Airport City

Thanksgiving is one of the biggest holidays for travel around, so it makes sense that Airport City would find itself bustling with activity. For a limited time, players can interact with a unique kind of passenger, fuel and mystery building goods. There's even a quest that's called "Gather Thanksgiving Day" that will push things ever forward.

Remember, these updates should be available across iOS and Android (where applicable) for a limited time, but if an update hasn't launched in your favorite game just yet, keep checking back for more. Happy Thanksgiving!

What do you think of these five Thanksgiving updates across games like My Clinic and Mirrors of Albion? Have your favorite iOS and Android games received Thanksgiving updates as well? Let us know about them in the comments!