Hit this: Atari's new Deer Hunter Online on Facebook

Deer Hunter Online Screens
Deer Hunter Online Screens

A large amount of the most successful social games involve saving or caring for cute animals. We never though we'd see the day when a game all about murdering cute animals hit Facebook. Deer Hunter Online on Facebook is officially a thing that exists, oddly enough, thanks to a partnership between Atari, publisher 6waves and developer Galaxy Pest Control.

In the free-to-play, social version of the popular arcade and home shooter, players use their mouse to find and obliterate innocent deer and other woodland creatures in full 3D environments ranging from Alaska to Arizona and more. Over time, you'll build a wealth of weapons, ammo and accessories as you hunt deer, elk, moose, caribou and more.
Players will also get to create and level up their own hunter as they track larger and more dangerous game. With that come trophies, achievements and other prizes to show off to your friends. Based on these early screen shots of Deer Hunter Online in action, players are governed by an energy system, but the rest of the action seems largely similar to traditional entries in the series. If you're the type that enjoys seeing harmless creatures suddenly go limp, then you have nothing to lose in giving it shot.

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