ChefVille Seaside Harbor Items: Everything you need to know


While many ChefVille players may be solely focused on completing the many quests in the game's Thanksgiving event, players that are looking for a change of pace can give their restaurant a complete transformation via the launch of nautical Seaside Harbor items. These items contains lots of blues and whites, and we're here with a complete look at all of them for your browsing pleasure. Let's get started!

Striped Harbor Table - 500 coins
Blue Harbor Table - 600 coins
Harbor Big Blue Lighthouse - 100 Reputation Hearts
Seahorse Statue - 10,000 coins
Harbor Shell - 50 Chef Cash
Harbor Anchor Window - 1,000 coins
Jellyfish Lamp - 15 Chef Cash
Striped Harbor Wall - 10 Reputation Points each

Striped Harbor Half Wall - 10 Reputation Hearts each
Striped Harbor Wall Corner - 10 Reputation Hearts each
Harbor Gold Porthole - 40 Chef Cash
Harbor Green Porthole - 35 Chef Cash
Gold Lamp - 500 coins

Interestingly, there aren't any new flooring options to go along with this theme, but remember that you can already purchase items like Dock Tiles and Harbor Rope Fence pieces to give your restaurant a more "finished" look. Hopefully, we'll see more items released in the Harbor / Nautical theme in the future, and we'll make sure to let you know if that's the case.

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What do you think of these Seaside Harbor items? Will you purchase any of them for use in your restaurant, or does your restaurant currently have a different theme? Sound off in the comments!