CastleVille 'Rafael's Big Proposal' Quests: Everything you need to know


While it might have made more sense for Zynga to release a romantic quest line in CastleVille closer to Valentine's Day, Rafael and Yvette are ready to take their relationship to the next level right now, as Rafael is preparing to pop the question! This comes via a six-part quest series known as "Rafael's Big Proposal," and we're here with a look at how to complete all of these quests, thanks to Zynga. Let's get started!

The Perfect Diamond

  • Fish 1 Time

  • Tend 1 Flower

  • Have 1 Diamond

As usual, this quest series starts with an incredibly easy quest to complete, as you should already have plenty of ponds (or fishing items) and flowers available to tend in your Kingdom. If you don't happen to have a Diamond, the game should give you one when you first start playing. When you complete this quest, you'll receive 2,000 coins and 40 XP.

Lookin' For Love Diamonds

  • Have 1 Power of Hearts

  • Place the Magic Torch Shop

  • Have 3 Houses in your Kingdom

The Power of Hearts can be earned by posting a general request to your news feed. If you'd rather not wait for friends to help you out, you can also play the game and post this request on in order to earn the Power of Hearts almost instantly. As for the Houses task, this is a bit more complicated than it seems, as not all houses will count. You'll need to have three houses that are "compatible" with the Magic Torch of Romance, but the game should help you out if you don't have enough. You'll receive 2,500 coins and 50 XP when you finish this quest.

A Romantic Location

  • Place the Romantic Arbor Foundation

  • Collect 3 Down Feathers

  • Craft 1 Engagement Ring Band

The Romantic Arbor can be placed from the quest window, while the Down Feathers are earned by tending Geese. As for the Engagement Ring Band, you'll be able to craft it in your Studio using five Iron Ores, five Copper Trinkets and 10 Love Diamonds. These Love Diamonds are a complicated item, as they can only be earned by taxing those homes that are compatible with the Magic Torch of Romance that we referenced above.

These Magic Torches are crafted in the Magic Torch Shop. A single torch requires one Power of Heart, four Red Feathers, three Flower Seeds and five Berries to create. They take just five seconds to craft, and once you create a single Torch, this decoration can be placed around homes in your Kingdom to make them glow Pink. Taxing those "pink" houses after that point gives you a chance to earn the Love Diamonds. You'll receive 3,250 coins, 65 XP and a Proposal Bench when you complete this quest.

Farewell Old Loves

  • Send 6 Farewell Letters

  • Build the Romantic Arbor

  • Craft 1 Engraved Ring

The Farewell Letters can be earned by posting another general news post on your wall, so take advantage of's strangers to finish this task fast. As for the Romantic Arbor, it requires two Bronze Bars, eight Dove Feathers, 12 Wood Planks and two Hammers to finish. Finally, the Engraved Ring Band requires the starter ring you created earlier, along with 25 more Love Diamonds and an engraving tool to actually craft. You'll receive two "Birds and Garland" decorations, 2,500 coins and 50 XP.

The Arbor That Love Built

  • Craft 2 Roasted Chickens

  • Have 20 Love Diamonds

  • Visit 5 Neighbors

A single Roasted Chicken can be crafted in the Kitchen using items like Garlic, Sticks of Butter, and of course, Chicken. While Magic Torches of Romance might be easy to craft in the long run, they're unfortunately not permanent, and will only remain active until you collect from four houses that are compatible with one. Once you clear a Torch though, you'll earn lots of Reputation Hearts and other rewards for your trouble. That makes the overall task of having 20 more Love Diamonds for this quest pretty time consuming. When you finish it though, you'll earn 4,250 coins and 85 XP.

One Ring to Woo Them All

  • Craft 1 Engagement Ring

  • Upgrade the Romantic Arbor

  • Craft 2 Bottles of Champagne

This is it! Rafael is ready to pop the question, but he needs a final Engagement Ring first. The Engagement Ring requires the Engraved Ring you created earlier, along with a whopping 50 Love Diamonds and a regular Diamond for good measure. While you're trying to earn that many Love Diamonds, make sure to also work on the Romantic Arbor upgrade, as it requires plenty of materials itself. You'll need two Glue, 10 "True Love's Kiss" items, five more Love Diamonds and three Steel Bars to complete its upgrade. Finally, the Bottles of Champagne require bottles (earned via a general news post on your wall), Grapes, Water and Sugar to craft. You'll receive 4,250 coins, 85 XP, a Ring Display Box and a Noble Squirrel for finishing this final quest in the series.

While these quests aren't time limited, you will have to complete them yourself to see if Yvette actually says yes (we're guessing it's likely). Good luck!

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What do you think of this romantic series of Proposal quests in CastleVille? Do you think Yvette is going to say yes when Rafael pops the question? Sound off in the comments!