Black Friday, Cyber Monday ... Now, Green Tuesday


Daily deals website and its founder, Jonah Myrto, have launched an effort to designate an "annual shopping occasion" the company has dubbed "Green Tuesday." This year the occasion falls on Tuesday, November 27th, the day after Cyber Monday.

Myrto said:

Green Tuesday is designed to inspire consumers to make thoughtful, purposeful, eco-minded choices. It means really thinking about the money you are spending and buying the right gift for the right person while taking care of the planet at the same time.

GreenDeals plans to offer exclusive Green Tuesday deals, with coupons and giveaways for ten days, beginning on the 27th, "from the most authentic and innovative eco-forward companies to help consumers get in the spirit of giving as well as in the spirit of getting specially crafted deals."

While this idea may be a good one, the timing may be a bit off. Consumers could well be worn out following the hurly-burly of Black Friday shopping and the finger-numbing exercise of Cyber Monday.

Paul Ausick

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