Adventure World officially says goodbye to Facebook on January 14


Unfortunately, it was only a matter of time. Indiana Jones Adventure World players have been met with disappointing news in the past, as development of new content for the game was stopped weeks ago. The news today is even more disappointing still, as the game's Facebook fan page has been used to officially announce a closure date for the game.

Adventure World players can have their last hurrah with the game on January 14, and after that time, the game will stop being available to play. The game is already closed off to new players, so if you never played the game on your Facebook account before, you can't start from scratch now. In addition, the game no longer allows for the purchase of premium currency, although current players can still play the game as though nothing has changed.

The game's customer support portals will remain open until January, and Zynga is working on bringing players "bonus packages" in other titles as a way of saying thanks for their dedication. We'll make sure to let you know what the contents of those packages are, and when they'll be available, so stay tuned. For now, you can check out Zynga's complete statement below.

Dear Adventurer,

Our goal at Zynga is to bring players the most fun and social games on the web. Over the past year, we have had a great time working on Indiana Jones™ Adventure World™, and we thank you for joining us on our journey.

We expect you've seen the slow-down in content updates in Adventure World, as we recently made the decision to suspend the creation of new content within the game.

As the Zynga family of games continues to grow, we have had to make hard choices as to where we can best strike the balance between supporting Adventure World and creating new games for people to play. Because of this, we are planning to shut down Adventure World to make room for future game offerings.

As of today, Adventure World is no longer available to new players and will no longer be accepting payments. Existing Adventurers like you will be able to access the game until 1/14/2013. After that time, the game will no longer be available. Customer Support will continue to be active as long as the game is available.

We hope to provide a smooth transition and during this period and we will continue to monitor Adventure World social channels such as the forums, Facebook, and Twitter pages to gather your feedback and answer your questions We also want to help you find new games to enjoy. We're excited to offer bonus packages to Adventure World players to try other Zynga games, and we're confirming the final list as we speak. Keep an eye out for the updated list, and thank you again for being a loyal player.

Are you sad to see Adventure World given an official closure date? Are you surprised that the Indiana Jones licensing didn't help the game survive longer than it did? Share your thoughts on this development with us in the comments!

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