'Spaceship' House in Lake Quivira, Kansas (House of the Day)


Much like beauty, the likeness of a home to that of a spaceship is in the eye of the beholder. First we brought you the house inspired by "Star Trek's" USS Enterprise, which 80 percent of our commenters thought didn't even look like the fictional space cruiser. Then we found a house in Russia that looked like something out of "Battlestar Galactica."

And now we've come across a home that both Curbed and Zillow referred to as spaceship-like. (Curbed goes so far as to call it "Spaceshuttle-Style.")

While we may not agree with their characterizations, this house is very cool nonetheless. And who are we to deprive our readers of another house that might resemble one of the most advanced vehicles ever created?

You can find this home in Lake Quivira, Kan. Dubbed the "Four Seasons House," this structure was built in 1968 for lighting engineer John Hilburn, who worked with architect Albert Yanda. One of the most remarkable aspects of this house is the terrain on which it is built.

"The terrain slopes very quickly, and the house is supported on three concrete piers," real estate agent Bob Myers told Zillow. "So technically the house is not resting on the ground but on the piers."

The four-bedroom, five-bathroom house has almost 4,000 square feet of floor space and uninterrupted views of the nearby lake and golf course. The interior features an open floor plan with angular rooms that "will surprise you at every turn," and open bright spaces, according to the listing.

Whether or not this is rightfully being called a spaceship house, it's certainly is one of a kind. And for under $500,000, the price isn't so bad, either.

See the listing for more details.

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