FarmVille 2 The Little Rebel Turkey: Everything you need to know


A free-spirited wild turkey has shown up on your farm in FarmVille 2, and it's up to you to make this little fellow a permanent fixture on your farm, just in time for Thanksgiving. In the Little Rebel Turkey event now rolling out to players now, you'll complete a series of tasks to convince the Rebel Turkey to stay in much the same way as you earned the Witch Bunny back in the game's Halloween event. We're here with a look at this Little Rebel Turkey event, thanks to Zynga.
Little Rebel Turkey

  • Ask for 5 Cake Boxes

  • Harvest 70 Strawberries

  • Craft 5 Powdered Sugar

You'll need to earn the Cake Boxes by sending out requests to your neighbors, and can also rely on friends' help to craft the Powdered Sugar. A single batch of Powdered Sugar requires three Sugar and two Flour to create. The Sugar itself can be earned either by purchasing it with Farm Bucks, or by sending out requests for your friends to give you some. As for the Strawberries, that particular crop takes a full day to grow, so this task will be a test of your patience, rather than your Water.

If you can complete all of the tasks within this Little Rebel Turkey quest, you'll receive the Little Wild Turkey as a permanent animal that can be placed on your farm. You'll only have 11 days to finish this quest, and if you ever need to get back into the quest window after you close it (say, to send out more requests for Cake Boxes), you can do so by clicking on the little turkey as it wanders around your farm. Good luck earning the Turkey for yourself!

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What do you think of this Little Rebel Turkey event in FarmVille 2? Have you been able to earn your own Turkey for your farm, or are you still working on harvesting those Strawberries? Sound off in the comments!