FarmVille 2: Play CityVille 2 for bottles, boosts and more


In celebration of the launch of CityVille 2, players of Zynga's other major Facebook game sequel FarmVille 2 can now earn a variety of rewards for playing the new 3D city-building game, and leveling up all of the way to Level 10. There are four waves of prizes in all, so even a bit of effort in playing CityVille 2 will result in a prize being available in FarmVille 2, and we're here with the complete breakdown of this promotion for your reference.

Here's a look at the four prize packages available to FarmVille 2 players for playing CityVille 2.

Reach Level 4 in CityVille 2 > Receive 5 Baby Bottles in FarmVille 2

Reach Level 6 in CityVille 2 > Receive 10 Unwither Cans in FarmVille 2

Reach Level 8 in CityVille 2 > Receive 25 Speed-Grow Cans in FarmVille 2

Reach Level 10 in CityVille 2 > Receive a Baby Angora Goat in FarmVille 2

Even if the boosts don't really interest you, this Baby Angora Goat should, as it's an adorable animal that currently isn't available to buy in the game's store. If you've already played CityVille 2, you may still need to head back to the game briefly via the in-game pop-up above, in order to make your progress between the two games "sync." Once you head back to the game, you'll receive any rewards that are available to you automatically.

Remember, if you're having trouble making progress in CityVille, make sure to follow along with our cheats and tips guide, and also add yourself to our Add Me page to make more progress fast! Good luck!

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