CityVille 'Monorail' Goals: Everything you need to know


With many kinds of public transportation already being available in CityVille (look at buses and subways, as examples), it only makes sense that we'd see an additional form of transportation added to the game in the form of the Monorail system. This system is available for players at least Level 8 and above, and it can be used to replace roads while also offering a bonus to businesses and homes. We're here with a look at the goals associated with this Monorail event, thanks to Zynga. Let's get started!

Magnificent Monorail

  • Start building the Monorail

  • Place 10 Monorail Tracks

  • Upgrade your First Monorail Station to Level 2

The Monorail Station can be completed immediately after you place it down, without the need to spend energy to complete any sort of base. You'll need to ask you friends to send you many items, but will also need to collect some on your own. You'll need five each of Operator Cars, Car Couplings, Ticket Turnstiles, Exit Signs, Dashboard Buttons and Seat Cushions. The Operator Caps and Car Couplings must be earned by collecting them from buildings that drop them at random, while the rest of the items can be earned via friend requests.

As you might expect, Monorail tracks can only be placed if they connect to the Monorail Station, but you can create corners in the track's path automatically by simply placing track pieces next to each other in that fashion (the game will take care of the rest). Once the Monorail Track is built, the Station itself serves as a business that requires 80 Goods and supplies 550 coins. It also gives you a 10% bonus payout to surrounding homes and businesses.

Finally, the upgrade of the Monorail Station requires the same items as above, but in larger quantities. When you complete this first goal, you'll receive 10 energy.

Laying Track

  • Collect 20 Monorail Blueprints

  • Place 20 Monorail Tracks

  • Increase Population by 2,000 citizens

For this goal, you'll need to ask your friends to send you the Blueprints, but if you play the game on, you can earn items more quickly than you would otherwise. As for the Monorail Tracks, you technically only have to place 10 new pieces to finish this goal, as the goal already accounts for the 10 you placed previously. For completing this second goal, you'll receive 20 energy.

Fast Cash

  • Collect from Monorail Stations 20 Times

  • Upgrade 2 Monorail Stations to Level 4

  • Collect 20 Transfer Tickets

Needless to say, this final goal asks you to complete a lot of tasks before giving you any rewards. You'll be forced to place at least one more Monorail Station, and will then be required to collect dozens of additional building materials until they both reach Level 4. The higher level a station, the more pieces of Track you can place, so these upgrades are more or less required either way. Completing this final goal gives you 30 energy. Good luck!

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What do you think of this Monorail System in CityVille? Will you replace all of your road pieces with monorail tracks? Let us know in the comments!