Stuff yourself with these five free mobile updates this Thanksgiving


Unfortunately, the Tryptophan isn't included. In celebration of the upcoming American Thanksgiving Day holiday (and Black Friday after that), a variety of developers across DeNA / Mobage's network have launched free updates on iOS and Android to say thanks to users. These Thanksgiving-themed events range in complexity, but we're here with a round up of what you can expect in five of the participating games.

Blood Brothers

Not only is Blood Brothers celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday with a "Thanksgiving Festival," but the game is also celebrating its 6-month anniversary at the same time. If you missed out on any previous "Elite Cards" like Samael, Black Archangel, or Enraged Flame Ogre in raid boss events (as examples), you'll have a second chance at them now. There's also a completely new and exclusive Thanksgiving card available as well, with this holiday update being available on both Android and iOS.

Mall World

Black Friday means malls and stores filled with customers, and Mall World is taking advantage of that by releasing a series of themed decorations for existing mall stores. For a limited time this week only, aspiring fashionistas can decorate their stores with autumn-themed furniture and decorations. Once Thanksgiving is over, the items will no longer be available, so make sure to check out your mall sooner, rather than later, so that you don't miss out on these themed goodies. This event is available across both Android and iOS devices.

Monster Mall

On Black Friday only, all Gold and Nugget packages in Monster Mall will be 70% off. In addition, players will be greeted by a mass amount of turkeys that have suddenly appeared in the game. They'll leave litter behind them, so players will need to clean up after these noisy birds to avoid having messy stores. This event should be available now to all Android players.

Ninja Royale

Ninja Royale's clan-based gameplay sees an upgrade this week with the new Gobble clan. A new arena event will be available to complete from November 21 to November 30, giving players the chance to get a shot at a special wild turkey.

World of Wizards

Like Monster Mall, World of Wizards will be offering a Black Friday sale to players, as players will receive a 70% bonus on Magic Coins in some of the game's bundles. The game update also bring player more magical quests to go on, more wizards to battle all around the world, and some Evo Fruit that will allow you to make your pets stronger than before. This event will only be available from November 23 to November 25, so play fast once that update window opens on iOS.

Stick with us for more Thanksgiving coverage as we get closer to the holiday itself. Happy Thanksgiving!

What do you think of these themed updates across these five Android / iOS games? Are there any other games that you know are having themed events? Let us know in the comments!