We're putting Pioneer Trail out to pasture, but the game lives on


Ah, Pioneer Trail. Over the past few years, we've seen the game formerly known as FrontierVille take quite a few twists and turns, as developer Zynga works to keep diehard fans dedicated, and attempts to bring former players back in. Through it all, we as players have expressed our concerns for the amount of time and effort necessary to actually keep up with the frequent hefty releases in the game, and it looks like the majority of the game's former user base has given up on trying.

Sitting at 1.8 million monthly users, Pioneer Trail still definitely has life left to live for its most dedicated players, but it's time here as a major part of Games.com News is unfortunately at an end. Don't fret though, as we've found the perfect way for you to keep tabs on everything that's going on around the Homestead, as the fine folks at CEGamers provide constant coverage and commentary on every little thing that makes Pioneer Trail tick, both in terms of current content and goodies that are yet to come.

Even though we're saying goodbye to one game, make sure to keep checking back with us for all of the news you need about your other favorite Facebook games!

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Are you still a dedicated Pioneer Trail player, or did you give up on the game long ago? Sound off in the comments!