NYC Media Briefing Advisory "Health vs. Wealth: Are Employees Making the Right Benefits Choices?"


NYC Media Briefing Advisory

"Health vs. Wealth: Are Employees Making the Right Benefits Choices?"

A panel of experts from Prudential, the Employee Benefit Research Institute, and the American Benefits Council, discuss new benefits research and trends, as well as risks and choices faced by Americans preparing for open enrollment this year


As healthcare costs continue to rise and greater financial burden and choice is placed on employees, it is unsurprising that the vast majority focus their efforts on healthcare decisions as opposed to other important protection products. Yet, with 70 percent of people in the mass market living paycheck to paycheck, and nearly 25 percent of Americans likely to experience a prolonged disability, many are grappling with bigger gaps in coverage and protection than they realize; and are exposing themselves to financial ruin.

With the open enrollment season underway, how can workers close these gaps and ensure they have the right financial protection? How can employees keep pace as companies place increased insurance responsibility on the individual? How can they prepare for life altering events that may prevent them working?


Stephen Pelletier, president of Prudential Group Insurance, will discuss emerging trends including the shift toward year-round benefits selection, the impact of the aging workforce, as well as opportunities for small businesses to help close the gap.

James Gemus, senior vice president of voluntary products, Prudential Group Insurance, will explore the benefits solutions available to working Americans, how workers should approach prioritizing medical and other insurance coverages, the need to refocus agents on servicing the broader needs of the mass market, and will share strategies on how to protect assets for both short- and long-term goals.

Dallas Salisbury, president of the Employee Benefit Research Institute, will highlight survey results on the value of benefits, individual preferences and choices, and the tradeoffs workers say they are making today as they seek to protect themselves against current and future financial security risks through voluntary benefits. Salisbury will also discuss the possible consequences and role of newly forming insurance "exchanges" in the future of voluntary benefits.

Jim Klein, president for American Benefits Council, will address the impact of deficit reduction and tax reforms on employer sponsored plans and the resulting increased value of voluntary benefits, as well as the prevalent view of healthcare coverage as a commodity offering driving the creative use of voluntary and retirement benefits as talent acquisition tools.

Additional Prudential Group Insurance subject matter experts including Vishal Jain, vice president of strategic initiatives, will also be on hand to speak with journalists after the panel discussion.


10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon, November 19, 2012


The Lambs Club of New York located at 132 West 44th Street (Between 6th and Broadway)

For more information and to RSVP, contact (973) 802-7892.

Sheila Bridgeforth, 973-802-6852

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