Lori LaManna, Sexy Model, Nabs Suspect Who Allegedly Posted Her Photos On Porn Site

model photos stolen for porn

Like many aspiring performing artists, Lori LaManna has worked as an actress, dancer and model. Now she can add one more title to her resume: sleuth.

LaManna's brief stint as a novice investigator began after someone allegedly hacked into her online portfolio, downloaded her professionally shot photos and then uploaded them to an Indonesian porn site, the New York Post reports.

The New York City native learned that the images were posted on the X-rated site through a friend but didn't know who stole the images or how they got there. So she then turned to police for help, but she says that they weren't much help.

"The detectives said I was basically out of luck," LaManna, 22, told the Post. "They thought it was another stupid girl sending out naked pictures of myself and now I would have to pay the price. That wasn't the case."

Having the images show up on the adult site was devastating, she said. "It was like being molested. My personal space was invaded. I was violated," LaManna said, adding that the incident sent her into an emotional tailspin that required her to cancel a photo shoot and a music-video audition.

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Faced within inaction on the part of the New York City Police, LaManna spent the next 24 hours looking for who might have stolen her photos.

LaManna suspected that the hacker might be 23-year-old Nicholas Defina, an acquaintance who had recently contacted her several times through Facebook under an alias and asked her for nude photos.

"My response was, 'No, only me and my photographer have access to my full photo shoot. This is not porn. Don't be disrespectful,' " said LaManna, who has appeared in small roles on the NBC series, "Smash," and the hit CBS drama, "The Good Wife."

An Internet search of a screen name associated with Defina's Yahoo email account, which allegedly was used to gain access to the portfolio, led to his MySpace page. Armed with the info, LaManna went back to police, telling them, "I know who it is," she told the Post.

Police took the evidence and traced the email address back to a laptop at Defina's residence on Staten Island.

As the Post reports, detectives interviewed Defina on Nov. 9, when he allegedly admitted to stealing the photos. Investigators searched his computer, with Defina's consent, and found the racy images. Defina was arrested last week and charged with three criminal counts.

And what does the NYPD have to say to explain their initial inaction? Department spokesman Paul Browne told the Post that detectives did their job. "Maybe not as quickly as [LaManna] preferred, but they did their job, nonetheless," he said.

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