FarmVille 'Mistletoe Lane Chapter 3' Goals: Everything you need to know


Today marks the free launch of Mistletoe Lane in FarmVille for those players that didn't pay Farm Cash to get to the game's newest Christmas farm early. Waiting for all players when they arrive is a new chapter of goals to complete in the game's storyline, with the six new Chapter 3 goals being available to complete for a limited time (seven days, to be exact). We're here with a guide to finishing these goals off, thanks to Zynga.

Dusting Off

  • Get 6 Holly Whistles

  • Harvest 20 Winter Grain

  • Complete 1 Holiday Orchard in Mistletoe Lane

For this Holly Whistles task and all others in this goal series that ask you to gather a certain number of a collectible item, you'll be able to earn these items by posting a general news item to your wall asking all of your friends for help at once. As for the Orchard, it requires 10 Bricks, Nails and Wooden Boards to complete. Finally, Winter Grain takes a full day to grow, so don't delay in planting it as soon as you can! You'll receive 150 XP, a Spotted Wolverine and 3,000 coins for completing this first goal.

Raise the Roof

  • Get 8 Poinsettia Pots

  • Harvest 30 Cider Apples

  • Harvest Spotted Wolverine 2 Times

The Cider Apples take 16 hours to grow, so feel free to plant them at the same time as the Winter Grain above so that they're ready and waiting for you when you get to this second goal. As for the Spotted Wolverine, you'll want to pull him out of your gift box and place him in a matching animal storage building as soon as you can. If you've yet to harvest those buildings for the day, you can then wait just a short while before it's actually ready to harvest, and can even move the Wolverine between buildings to really speed things up. When you complete this second goal, you'll receive 200 XP, a Campout Cottage and 3,500 coins.

Holly Cow!

  • Get 8 Holly Buckets

  • Harvest 40 Winter Squash

  • Complete 1 Animal Workshop

The Animal Workshop is partially completed when you first arrive in Mistletoe Lane, and you'll need to collect a variety of materials to finish it off via the help of friends. Check out our full guide to the Animal Workshop for more. The Winter Squash, meanwhile, takes two days to grow, so if you can find some space on your farm to grow it ahead of time, that's a great strategy. Completing this goal gives you 250 XP, a Holly Cow and 4,000 coins.

Funding Festivities

  • Get 8 Gem Detectors

  • Harvest 50 Potatornaments

  • Make Holiday Pudding 2 Times

The Holiday Pudding is a crafting recipe available in the Patisserie from the beginning of your time in Mistletoe Lane. It requires one Winter Squash, two Coffee and two Cider Apple bushels to craft. As for the Potatornaments, they're ready in 12

hours, so feel free to plant these before you go to work, school or bed, and they should be close to finishing when you finish with your other daily activities. Or, you can simply pay Farm Cash to speed them up instantly if you don't feel like waiting at all. Whatever the case, you'll receive 300 XP, a Mine Shaft decoration, and 4,500 coins when you complete this goal.

Petaled Presentation

  • Get 9 Flower Lantern Seeds

  • Harvest 60 Wax Beans

  • Master Spotted Wolverine to 1 Star

The Wax Beans can be planted at any time, but since they take 16 hours to grow, it's best to plant them while you're also growing something like the Potatornaments or Winter Squash above so that you can save time in the long run. Again, if you followed our advice and placed the Wolverine in an animal building as soon as you received it, you'll simply need to keep an eye on its mastery level and can swap it between buildings in order to earn mastery points with ease. Of course, this requires that you have more than one matching building on your farm at the same time, but it's worth having that extra storage space in the long run. You'll receive 250 XP, a Poinsettia Wreath Tree and 5,000 coins when you finish this goal.

Sealing the Deal

  • Get 10 Bell Bundles

  • Harvest 70 Winter Grain

  • Make Apple Cider 1 Time

The Apple Cider is another recipe in the Patisserie. A single batch requires two Cider Apple, one Holiday Poinsettia and two Rye Bushels to craft. If you can make your way through all six of these goals before they expire, you'll receive 400 XP, a Silverbell Seal and 5,500 coins as your final rewards.

Again, you'll only have a week to complete all of these goals in full, so make sure to use your time wisely, planting more than one type of crop at a time, in order to have an easier time of finishing these six goals before they expire. Good luck!

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What do you think of these goals in Mistletoe Lane's Chapter 3? Did you pay for early access, or are you just now trying to catch up with your friends? Sound off in the comments!