ChefVille 'The Chef's Table' Quests: Everything you need to know


In addition to the new set of Thanksgiving Roaster quests that were released this afternoon in ChefVille, players can now also complete a pair of "Chef's Table" quests from Madeline. These quests are timed and must be completed over the next six days. We're here with a guide to help you finish them off, so let's get started!

Compliments of the Chef

  • Place and Build the Thanksgiving Chef's Table

  • Give 5 Chef's Services

  • Buy 2 Thanksgiving Decor Items

The Thanksgiving Chef's Table is a massive table that's bigger than most appliances stalls. It has seating for six, and must be unwrapped using three energy. From there, you'll need to collect three Starched Napkins and three Silver Cutlery. The Napkins are earned via a general news post on your wall, while the Cutlery must be collected by sending out individual requests to your neighbors. Luckily, the small amount required should make this building project easy to complete.

As for the decorations task, you can purchase incredibly cheap items like a Potted Plant or trio of Thanksgiving Candles for just 100 coins each. Upon completing this quest, you'll receive 15 coins, two Apples and two Vinegar.

Let's Table This

  • Cook 4 Roasted Apple and Onion Soup

  • Start a Dinner at the Thanksgiving Table

  • Visit 5 Neighbors

The Thanksgiving Table doesn't act as any normal table, and must instead be filled by sending out requests for "guests" come to dinner. You'll need six friends to accept this request to "start a dinner," and these friends can be gathered by sending out individual requests to your ChefVille neighbors. As for the Apple and Onion Soup, it can be created in the Thanksgiving Roaster using one Apple, three Onions and four Cranberries each.

Again, you'll only have six days to complete these quests, and we wish you the best of luck in finishing them all off!

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What do you think of this large Thanksgiving Chef's Table? Have you already finished working on yours? Do you think you can finish these two quests in time? Sound off in the comments!