ChefVille 'Bello's Roast' Quests: Everything you need to know


It's been a few days since the massive Thanksgiving event launched in ChefVille, and I hope you've been able to earn all 24 of the available Ribbons via the Thanksgiving Oven within that time. Why? Well, a new Thanksgiving Roaster appliance and an additional four-part quest series has just been thrown on your plate with the goal being to also complete these quests in the next six days. We're here with a complete look at these new "Bello's Roast" quests, so let's get started!

You See Me Roastin'

  • Place and Build the Thanksgiving Roaster

  • Collect 8 Mixed Greens

  • Serve 3 Grilled Corn

The Thanksgiving Roaster can be placed from the store for a whopping 15,000 coins. It's a full sized appliance, so you might need to move some things around to make it fit in your restaurant, but when you do, you'll need to spend three energy to unwrap it. From there, you'll need to collect five Gravy Gratitudes, four Pilgrim Plates and five Turkey Tips. Thankfully, only one of these is earned through individual requests to your friends - the Pilgrim Plates - so the other two can be earned by posting general requests on your news feed. In turn, you can claim free ingredients for yourself by clicking on matching posts shared by your friends.

When you finish the Thanksgiving Roaster, you'll be able to create a bath of Grilled Corn using on Corn and one Salt. The dish takes one hour to cook, so this would be a perfect time to use some One-Hour Thymes in order to speed through this task. Finally, the Mixed Greens can be collected from items like plants and flowers, or you will likely earn a ton from tending your Garden Patch. Completing this first goal gives you 10 XP, two Turkeys and three Eggs.

Cooked to Ribbons

  • Have 2 Ribbons for Sweet Potato Salad

  • Serve 4 Corn Muffins

  • Have 25 Thanksgiving Ribbons

If you had already completed all 24 Ribbons from the Thanksgiving Oven, you'll be guaranteed to be finished with this final task by the time you reach this second goal, as cooking all three Grilled Corn above gives you two more Ribbons, placing you at 26 (at least). The Corn Muffins can be cooked using one Corn, two Flour and two Milk, while the Sweet Potato Salad is cooked using two Broccoli, three Romaine Lettuce and two Sweet Potatoes. The two Ribbons for this dish are earned after serving the dish three times, but thankfully, it only takes two minutes to cook. The Corn Muffins, meanwhile, take five minutes each to cook. When you finish this quest, you'll earn 20 coins, two Unsalted Butter and two Sweet Potatoes.

Cran-Potato Connection

  • Upgrade the Roaster to Intermediate

  • Craft 10 Batches of Cranberry Sauce

  • Cook 4 Baked Sweet Potatoes on the Roaster

The Roaster upgrade requires four Warm Welcomes, six Grateful Gobbles, six Family Feastings and four Harvest Helps to complete. The Warm Welcomes and Family Feastings are earned by sending out individual requests to your neighbors, while the other two items are earned by posting general requests to your news feed for all of your friends to see. The Baked Sweet Potatoes are only available to cook after you've completed this upgrade, but we'll make sure to let you know that dish's required ingredients as soon as we learn more. Stay tuned!

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