Bejeweled Blitz Rubies and Riches puts money on the table at GSN

Bejeweled Blitz Rubies and Riches
Bejeweled Blitz Rubies and Riches

You've trained alongside Josh Grady. You have destroyed enough gems to build a shiny house out of their bits. Now, it's time to test your mettle in Bejeweled Blitz: Rubies and Riches, the newest application of PopCap's hugely popular match-3 game on GSN's cash games portal. Rubies and Riches is essentially the original Facebook game with a cash prize tournament layer.

Players go for cash prizes against their fellow Bejeweled fans through either a robust matching system (which tracks win frequency, scoring ability and experience over time) or directly via challenges. Of course, you have 60 seconds to achieve the highest score possible using only their own wits and dexterity. No power-ups here, folks, this is a game with real money at stake.

"We're thrilled to offer Bejeweled Blitz fans a new way to enjoy their favorite game," GSN Digital EVP Peter Blacklow said in a release. "PopCap's Bejeweled Blitz game has an extremely strong following of loyal players, and adding GSN's adrenaline-fueled cash competition format will give them the chance to experience the game in a whole new way."

Rubies and Riches could very well be the most "hardcore" rendition of Bejeweled Blitz, and rightfully so. Rubies and Riches dangles cash over its players, after all. If you're interested in some real competition, then click the link below:

Click here to play Bejeweled Blitz: Rubies and Riches on GSN Now >

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