Pioneer Trail Smokehouse: Everything you need to know


Winter is quickly approaching in Pioneer Trail, and Cookie is here to show players how to smoke their meats and cheeses to prepare for the long winter ahead. This comes via a new Smokehouse feature that's now available to players that have reached at least Level 22 in Pioneer Trail, and it comes with new crops, collections, and even food items that give energy or grow animals. We're here with a complete guide to the Smokehouse goals, thanks to Zynga. Let's get started!

Smokey Sampling

  • Place the Smokehouse

  • Place the Huntin' Tower

  • Go Hunting 4 Times

The Smokehouse comes with multiple building stages that you'll need to complete through the course of these goals, but for right now, just placing the base will suffice. The Hunting Tower is also a new building to place on your Homestead, and it requires Bullets to use. A single "Hunting Bullet" requires two Bullet Cases (found when tending Silver Forges or harvesting Wheat) and two Gun Powder (ask friends) to create. When you complete this first goal, you'll receive two more Hunting Bullets, one Smoked Cheddar, and will unlock the Smoked Cheddar for crafting. For reference, a Smoked Cheddar gives 10 energy and 40 XP when consumed.

Cheesy Does It

  • Go Hunting 7 Times

  • Craft 4 Smoked Cheddar

  • Finish Phase 1 of the Smokehouse

This first Smokehouse stage requires items like Strong Boards, which are earned by chopping into Pine Trees that are older than saplings, and Slate Veneers that come from clearing rocks. You'll also need to collect four different items from friends in bulk, so make sure you save some friend requests each day for those items. As for the Smoked Cheddar, it requires Gallons of Milk (tend adult Goats) and Fine Cheese Cloth (ask friends) to create. You'll receive a Wilderness Crate and a fully grown Hickory Tree for completing this second goal. You'll also unlock Spiced Deer Jerky for crafting. Spiced Jerky grows one animal into a fully grown adult, and also gives you 2,000 XP.

Oh Deer

  • Collect 20 Marinade

  • Craft 2 Spicy Deer Jerky

  • Finish Phase 2 of the Smokehouse

This second Smokehouse upgrade requires Apple Wood which can be earned by tending both Apple or Green Apple Trees. You'll also need Hickory Wood which is earned by chopping into non-sapling Hickory Trees. Three additional materials must be earned by asking friends to send them to you, and you'll even need to craft a material to finish things off. You'll need to craft Wood-burning Stoves using Stove Bodies and Stove Vents, both of which are earned by asking your friends to send them to you.

As for the Spicy Deer Jerky, this requires Deer Steaks (drop from Hunting Towers) and Spicy Rubs (ask friends) to create. You'll receive a Golden Retriever and two Ham Steaks for finishing this goal, and will also unlock Spiced Ham for crafting.

Hamin' It Up

  • Collect 40 Roastin' Apples

  • Make 1 Smoked Ham

  • Finish the Smokehouse

The final stage of the Smokehouse requires items like Sweet Sauces and Paprika, which are earned by harvesting Sugar Cane and Bell Peppers, respectively. The Bell Peppers are available on the game's free gifts page. You'll also need to craft more Wood Stoves, along with Smokin' Toolkits, which can be created using BBQ Basters (tend Chickens), Smokin Tongs (ask friends) and Smokin Forks (ask friends). As for the Smoked Ham, this is created using Ham Steaks (drop from Hunting Towers), Curin' Salts (ask friends) and Soaked Wood Chips (ask friends).

A single Smoked Ham gives you triple XP, 2x movement speed and a Fast Hands Boost for a period of one hour. Completing this goal gives you a Huntin' Horse, a Smoked Buffalo Ribs and will unlock the Smoked Buffalo Ribs for crafting into the future. While not required for any goals, when you craft and use these Buffalo Ribs, you'll receive double rewards on tending, chopping, harvesting and clearing, along with double XP for an hour. Good luck!

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