FarmVille Farmworkers: Everything you need to know


As more and more buildings are released in FarmVille, it takes players more time to actually harvest all of those ready buildings each time they play the game. In order the ease the burden on players, Zynga has released a new Farmworkers boost in the game's store that will allow you to harvest all ready buildings with a single action.

Unfortunately, there's no way to craft these Farmworkers (yet), and the only way to get one on your farm is to purchase one outright for 5 Farm Cash. Once you purchase one, it will go into your inventory where it can be used at any time. Upon use,

your game might slow for a few seconds (similarly to how it slows when using a Farmhand or Arborist), but this is simply a product of it harvesting so many buildings at the same time.

A single Farmworker will harvest all animal buildings, including ones like the Pig Pen and Duck Pond, all Orchards and Groves, and most secondary buildings like Doghouses or Fishing Holes. Any buildings that produce items upon collection, like Animal Feed, Mystery Babies and the like, will give you a pop-up at the bottom of the screen (that will not disappear until you click on it or refresh your game), that tells you your particular prizes for the day. All prizes will then go into your gift box or into your coin totals, where applicable.

Upon testing this on our main farm, we've found that there are a few exceptions that ruin this "every" building promise. Buildings including the Harvest Hoedown, Water Wheel, Bumper Cars, Big Barnyard and Floating Waterfall (if it can truly be considered a building) aren't harvested with the use of a Farmworker, but we suspect Zynga might add them to the roundup after someone realizes that they were forgotten in the first place.

What's more, it's definitely worth pointing out that these Farmworkers completely ruin the tree farming tactic, as all Orchards are harvested at once, removing our ability to move trees from one Orchard to the next to earn bonus mastery points in a single day. This ability is still available, mind you, but you'll need to ignore that Farmworkers exist if you're a tree farmer.

We'll make sure to let you know if Farmworkers are eventually available for free or through crafting measures, so stay tuned!

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What do you think of these Farmworkers? Have you found any additional buildings that aren't compatible with this boost? Sound off in the comments!