CityVille 'CityVille 2' Goals: Everything you need to know


In addition to the general cross-promotion that's available to complete between CityVille and CityVille 2 on Facebook, players of Zynga's original city-building game can also complete a series of four CityVille 2-themed goals in their towns, receiving items like a Police Scene in the process. We're here with a guide to completing this goals, thanks to the CityVille Wikia.

Missing Mystery

  • Ask friends for 20 Bus Ads

  • Place CityVille 2 Police Scene

  • Reach Level 4 in CityVille 2

The Bus Ads are earned by posting a general news item to your wall, while the Police Scene is a community building that can be placed by clicking on the "Place" button in this goal's window. It takes five clicks to build, and you'll need to actually finish this light building progress before you'll earn the "check" in the goal. If you're looking for help leveling up in CityVille 2, make sure to check out our Cheats & Tips guide. When you complete this goal, you'll receive five energy and 100 XP.

Delivery Detective

  • Ask friends for 20 Chinese Take-Out Menus

  • Harvest 100 Water Crops

  • Reach Level 6 in CityVille 2

While 100 Water Crops might sound like a lot (OK, it is a lot), remember that you can plant crops with any growth time to fulfill that task. That being the case, feel free to plant something that grows as fast as your own game access can accept and finish this goal more quickly. Again, if you're looking for some help on leveling up in CityVille 2, make sure to add yourself to our CityVille 2 Add Me Page to find new friends fast. When you complete this goal, you'll receive 300 XP and 10 energy.

Confidence Building

  • Ask friends for 20 Construction Signs

  • Harvest 30 Businesses

  • Reach Level 8 in CityVille 2

By the time you finish the tutorial section of CityVille 2, you've likely reached at least Level 5, but when it comes to recharging energy, you might need to wait until the next day to actually make it to Level 8. Still, that gives you the time to finish these other two tasks back in the original CityVille. As with the crops task above, there's nothing stating that you have to harvest from a business that demands a ton of Goods, so you can always repeatedly collect from a less demanding business just to save yourself some Goods in the long run. Completing this third of four goals gives you 500 XP and 20 energy.

The Big Search

  • Ask friends for 15 Keys to the City

  • Reach Level 10 in CityVille 2

Remember, as you level up in CityVille 2, you'll not only earn progress towards completing goals, but you'll also receive the separate awards like Zoning Permits that we mentioned earlier. Plus, once you complete this final goal, you'll receive another exclusive item: the CityVille 2 Mayoral Mansion. It offers a population boost of 1,000 citizens to your town. Finally, you'll receive an additional coin prize of 250,000 coins for completing this final goal.

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What do you think of these four CityVille 2 goals in CityVille? Will you play both city-building games to earn these rewards, or is one of these games enough to last you a lifetime? Sound off in the comments!