SimCity Social Delivery Trucks: Everything you need to know


Observant gamers have likely noticed some colorful trucks driving around the streets of their towns in SimCity Social, as a new Delivery Truck feature has now rolled out to the game. Trucks come with time limits and require keys to open, and while additional colors of trucks will likely be available in the future, it looks like only Golden Delivery Trucks are available for now.

Each time you see one, you can click on it to see its time remaining in your town (after all, a Delivery Truck has a route and schedule that it needs to keep, so it can't stick around forever). These Delivery Trucks serve as moving Mystery Boxes, as you won't be guaranteed to receive one particular prize over another, and they also cost Diamonds to open.

In the case of a single Golden Delivery Truck, for instance, you'll need just one Key to open it up, but that one Key costs 20 Diamonds. Diamonds can also be purchased in bulk, with three Keys costing 48 Diamonds (a 20% discount) and 10 Keys costing 100 Diamonds (a 50% discount). If you choose to splurge, you'll have a chance to win bundles of 100,000 Simoleons, 40,000 Materials, or 40 Diamonds, but you can also win limited edition or otherwise exclusive buildings for your town.

At the time of this writing, it looks like EA / Playfish is in the middle of adding Silver Keys and Delivery Trucks to SimCity Social as well, as a promotional banner has attempted to give players a free Silver Key, even though the link is currently broken. If anything, this is at least promising, as we should all be able to take advantage of this Delivery Truck feature at least once sometime in the (hopefully) near future. Stay tuned for more on this Delivery Truck event in SimCity Social, and good luck earning the best prizes if you decide to open one for yourself!

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What do you think of these Delivery Trucks? Were you able to receive a free Silver Key via the game's promotion, or is it still broken for you? Have you opened a Golden Delivery Truck? Which prize package did you win? Sound off in the comments!