Pioneer Trail 'Inferno' Goals: Everything you need to know


While the ever-increasing variety of trees in Pioneer Trail is definitely impressive, more trees means that storage space has now started becoming an issue for some players, as their Orchards have simply run out of space to store those trees. Zynga has released a new expansion to the Orchard, allowing for storage of up to 250 additional trees, but it's locked behind an Inferno feature that is now available on the left side of the screen, outside of your actual Homestead's limits. We're here with a complete guide to finishing these new goals and unlocking your very own Orchard expansion, thanks to Zynga. Let's get started!

Water Woes

  • Tend 25 Adult Sheep

  • Put Out 1 Inferno

  • Place the Extinguisher

The "Inferno" area is a grassy area that's covered in flames, and putting out the first Inferno requires eight "Hard Water" items to achieve. In terms of the Extinguisher, this is a new multi-stage building project that will require you to collect items from friends, craft items on your Homestead's Workbenches and even collect ingredients by tending specific items. For this first stage, for instance, you'll need to chop into Fully Grown Pine Trees and clear Cacti from your land in order to receive certain collectibles, while also asking your friends for Strong Pullets and Warning Whistles, as just two examples. Thankfully though, you don't actually have to complete this first stage to finish this goal, and can wait until the next goal to actually complete it. When you complete this first goal, you'll receive 250 XP, a Dinner and a Light Brown Beaver.

Fire Chief

  • Gather 15 Fire Axes

  • Heal 2 Burnt Bunnies

  • Finish Phase 1 of the Extinguisher

First things first, the Fire Axes are earned by chopping into Oak Trees that are older than just a sapling. As for the first Extinguisher upgrade, you'll need to clear Rocks on your Homestead to find Hand Pumps, while also crafting items like Breathing Masks and Waterin' Arms. The Waterin' Arms require Scissor Arms (drop from Fire Fruit Trees) and Water Kegs (ask friends) to create, and you can see the rest of the item requirements below. For completing this second goal, you'll receive 500 XP, a Black Bear Cub and a Critter Salve.

Fired Up

  • Tend 25 Ripe Sumac Trees

  • Put Out 4 Infernos

  • Finish Phase 2 of the Extinguisher

The Ripe Sumac Trees may already be in your Orchard, but if you don't have enough to finish this goal quickly, you can find more on the game's free gifts page, so ask your friends to send you some to help you out. As for the Extinguisher, its next stage asks you to collect Long Range Nozzles and Logging Claws by asking your friends to send them to you, while also crafting more Waterin' Arms and some All-Terrain Legs. These Legs can be created by collecting Tough Hoofs (tend Adult Oxen), Steel Beams (ask friends) and Hefty Hinges (ask friends). Completing this goal gives you a Fireman, a White Tailed Deer and Granny's Permission.

Water Water Everywhere

  • Heal 4 Charred Chipmunks

  • Put out 6 Infernos

  • Finish the Extinguisher

Since you technically can't complete the upgrade above without having Granny's Permission (which is a building material needed in the construction process), this goal will really ask you to complete two upgrades in one. The final upgrade requires items like Hand Pumps and Water Tanks, but these are items you've been collecting the whole time anyway. You'll also need to craft more All-Terrain Legs, along with something called the Contraption Lifter. This item is created using Iron Rods (drop from Steel Forges), Thick Screws (ask friends) and Odd Connectors (ask friends).

When you finish this final goal in the series, you'll have once again saved the Homestead from fire, and you'll receive an Extinguisher Monument to document the occasion. You'll also receive an Ocelot, along with the Orchard expansion we mentioned above. Good luck!

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