FarmVille Orchard Tree Challenges: Everything you need to know


Since many FarmVille players have massive collections of Trees, it makes sense that we'd see Zynga releasing new content on our farms dealing with trees, to give us something extra to work on while waiting for all of our Trees and Orchards to become ready for harvest once every two days. A new Orchard Tree Challenge feature will see players being challenged through six stages of light goals, with trees and building materials being available as prizes along the way. We're here with a guide to completing these Orchard Tree Challenges, thanks to Zynga. Let's get started!

Stage 1

  • Harvest an Orchard

  • Plant a Seedling

  • Grow a Seedling

In order to access these Challenges, you'll be able to click on any Orchard that's currently growing and select the "Challenge Progress" button from the drop down menu that appears. For this first stage, you'll simply need to harvest a ready Orchard and plant and grow a single Mystery Seedling using Watering Cans. If you have a Seedling in your Mystery Seedling Nursery, you can grow it in there and it will count for this Stage as well. Completing this first incredibly easy goal will give you 125 XP, an Apple Tree and 2,500 coins.

Stage 2

  • Harvest an Orchard Twice

  • Plant 4 Seedlings

  • Grow 3 Seedlings

You don't need to harvest the same Orchard twice to complete this first task, as these Challenges are available to complete across your entire supply of Orchards on every farm. Additionally, if you don't have the Watering Cans necessary to grow three Seedlings when you first start this second stage, remember to collect from items like Water Wheels to earn more. Completing this second task gives you 150 XP, a Moreton Bay Fig Tree and 3,000 coins.

Stage 3

  • Harvest Moreton Bay Fig Tree Twice

  • Craft 2 Bricks

  • Buy 10 New Trees

The Moreton Bay Fig Tree can be placed in any ready Orchard and immediately harvested, so if you're used to "forcing" trees to master via this technique, simply add it to your equation for a couple of harvests to finish this task fast. As for the Bricks, they can be crafted in the Craftshop using one Rice and two Rhubarb Bushels, along with one Manure Bag. Finally, some of the cheapest trees are items like Apple Trees, which cost just 325 coins each. If you're interested in finishing this goal cheaply, those are the ones you'll want to stock up on. Completing this third goal gives you 175 XP, five Nails and 3,500 coins.

Stage 4

  • Build an Orchard Frame

  • Harvest 6 Orchards

  • Craft 2 Boards

An Orchard Frame costs 1,000 coins to purchase in the store, and it can be built using ten each of Bricks, Wooden Boards and Nails. The Boards themselves can be earned via Special Delivery Crates, or they can be crafted in the Craftshop using one Cotton and one Peanut Bushel, along with one Apple Wood Basket. Obviously, you'll need to craft some to complete this goal, but feel free to use any Boards in your inventory just to finish the Orchard's construction fast. Again, remember that you can travel between your many farms to complete these Challenges, so if you don't have six Orchards that are ready to harvest on your Home Farm (for instance), travel to another farm that does and complete this particular task in a flash. You'll receive 200 XP, a Araguaney Tree and 4,000 coins for completing this goal.

Stage 5

  • Harvest Araguaney Tree Twice

  • Craft 4 Watering Cans

  • Grow 10 Seedlings

While these goals still haven't become overly difficult, they have become more time consuming with the crafting requirements. In this case, a Watering Can is created in the Craftshop using two Lilac and two Peanut Bushels, plus one Maple Syrup Basket. That's the requirements for a single Watering Can, mind you, so you'll need to do that three more times to have four in all. Completing this goal gives you 225 XP, a Dragon Fruit Tree and 4,500 coins.

Stage 6

  • Harvest Dragon Fruit Tree Twice

  • Build a Grove Frame

  • Harvest 10 Orchards

The Grove Frame can be purchased in the store for just 5 coins. It requires 10 each of Mulch Soil, Mini Boulders and Turf Rolls to build, but doesn't actually need to be filled or harvested to complete this last goal. Completing this final goal gives you 250 XP, a Goldenrain Tree and 5,000 coins. Remember, you won't see these tasks listed along the left side of the screen with your other goals, so you'll need to keep clicking on one of your Orchards to actually keep track of your progress. It's also possible that more of these Orchard Challenges could be released in the future, and if that's the case, we'll make sure to let you know.

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What do you think of these Tree Challenges? Will you complete them across your farms, or are the rewards simply not worth the effort in your mind? Sound off in the comments!