FarmVille 'Autumn Forest' Challenges: Everything you need to know


While many FarmVille players may already be in the spirit of Christmas, a new Fall-themed feature has just launched on the outskirts of your farm: the Autumn Forest. This Autumn Forest is packed with the colors of Fall, and you're encouraged to complete a series of 12 challenges within it to receive a slew of new trees for your farm(s)! We're here with a guide on these 12 different tasks, thanks to Zynga. Let's get started!

Challenge 1: Gather Supplies for a Picnic

  • Get 6 Picnic Baskets

  • Get 6 Blue Blankets

  • Get 8 Disposable Plates

Again, the Autumn Forest can be found outside your farm's current limits, and clicking on it gives you access to the tasks required for each Challenge. In this case, you would need to ask your friends for the Picnic Baskets and Blue Blankets via general posts on your news feed, while the Plates come from individual requests sent directly to neighbors. For completing this first task, you'll receive an American Linden Tree.

Challenge 2: Invite Friends to Visit

  • Ask 4 Friends for Help

This friendship task replaces collectibles with your actual friends, so you'll need to get four different neighbors to accept your requests, which are sent directly to them. As with all tasks in this series, you can also pay to complete it with Farm Cash. For completing this second stage, you'll receive an American Sycamore Tree.

Challenge 3: Gather Water Bottles

  • Get 6 Water Bottles

The Water Bottles are earned via a general news item posted to your feed, making this one of the easier tasks in the entire series. That is, typically news posts are easier to fulfill than individual requests from our experience. You'll earn a Rock Elm Tree upon finishing this Challenge.

Challenge 4: Gather Supplies

  • Get 4 Sketch Books

  • Get 6 Sharpeners

  • Get 6 Colored Pencils

The Sketcbooks and Sharpeners can be earned by posting general requests to your news feed, while the Colored Pencils can be earned by sending requests directly to your helpful FarmVille neighbors. If you've been paying attention to the three Challenges prior to this, you can also collect Colored Pencils as "shared rewards" on the News Feed posts of friends who have completed the three Challenges before this. Either way, you'll receive an American Larch Tree when you finish this Challenge.

Challenge 5: Invite Friends to Visit

  • Ask 4 Friends for Help

This task is identical to that of Challenge 2 above, as you'll simply need to ask four friends to help by accepting requests that you can send directly to them. You'll receive a Black Oak when you finish this stage.

Challenge 6: Get Camera Rolls

  • Get 8 Camera Rolls

The Camera Rolls can be earned through another general request posted to your news feed. Remember, if you're afraid that your friends won't spot them, add some sort of text message to the post before it's placed to help it stand out. Completing this Challenge sees you being rewarded with an Eastern Cottonwood Tree.

Challenge 7: Invite Friends to Visit

  • Ask 5 Friends for Help

As with the two Challenges above, this one simply asks you to send out requests to at least five Neighbors in the hopes that they'll accept. When you complete this Challenge, you'll receive a Sycamore Maple Tree.

Challenge 8: Gather Paint Supplies

  • Get 4 Orange Paint

  • Get 6 Red Paint

  • Get 6 Yellow Paint

The Orange Paint is earned by posting a general news item to your wall, while the Red and Yellow Paint can be earned by sending out individual requests to friends. In addition, the Yellow Paint can be earned from news feed posts as your friends complete Challenges 4-6 above, since that's the free item on each celebration news post. Completing this Challenge gives you a Lacerback Elm Tree.

Challenge 9: Gather Bagged Lunches

  • Get 8 Bagged Lunches

The Lunches are earned via another general news item posted to your feed, giving all of your neighbors a chance to help. When you complete this task, you'll receive a Smooth Sumac Tree.

Challenge 10: Invite Friends to Visit

  • Ask 5 Friends for Help

Yet again, you're asked to get friends to help you complete this task by sending out requests directly to them. You'll receive a White Enkianthus Tree when you finish this particular challenge.

Challenge 11: Gather Scrapbooks

  • Get 10 Scrapbooks

The Scrapbooks are earned by posting another general news item to your feed, allowing all of your neighbors to help at once. You'll be rewarded with a Japanese Stewartia Tree for completing this Challenge.

Challenge 12: Gather Supplies for the Last Picnic in the Autumn Forest

  • Get 7 Picnic Baskets

  • Get 7 Blue Blankets

  • Get 10 Disposable Plates

This series ends just as it began, asking you to collect Picnic Baskets and Blue Blankets via general news post on your feed and Disposable Plates by sending out individual requests to your neighbors. However, unlike before, these Disposable Plates can also be earned from your friends' news feed posts, as they're the free celebration item given away for completing Challenges 8-11. When you complete this final part of the Autumn Forest, you'll receive a Persian Parrotia Tree.

This Autumn Forest will only be available for a limited time, so good luck earning them all before this Forest expires!

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What do you think of this lengthy Autumn Forest feature? Are you a tree collector in FarmVille that just has to have one of each of these trees, or will you skip this event in favor of spending your time on other things? Sound off in the comments!