ChefVille: Play CityVille 2 for free ingredients, spices and more

While many of Zynga's major games are celebrating the release of CityVille 2 by offering cross-promotions for free prizes, ChefVille's promotion is definitely the biggest one yet (and arguably the best), as it offers a ton of items for players willing to give Zynga's newest Facebook sequel a chance.

While the specifics for each level of this promotion are still unknown, we do know that the entire ChefVille promotion is completed after reaching Level 10 in CityVille 2. By the time you've reached that point, you will be eligible to receive a whole slew of goodies in ChefVille, including rare vegetables (we're guessing items like Yellow Bell Peppers), thymes, and even a decoration for your restaurant. Here's the full rundown of prizes available by the time you reach Level 10 in CityVille 2.

  • 10 Rare Veggies

  • 4 Eggs

  • 3 Sirloin Beef

  • 3 One Hour Thymes (speeds cooking time by an hour per use)

  • 3 Instant Thymes (instantly finishes cooking)

  • 1 Wall Mural

Again, these prizes will likely be given out in waves, starting at around Level 3 or 4, if this promotion is anything like those released for previous games. We'll update this space as we learn the specific prizes for each level, but for now, check out our CityVille 2 "Cheats & Tips" guide, along with our CityVille 2 Add Me page to learn how you can make quick progress in Zynga's newest game! Good luck!

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What do you think of the many prizes in this ChefVille / CityVille 2 cross-promotion? Sound off in the comments!

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