Better Buy: Zillow vs. LinkedIn


Which crazy expensive tech stock is a better buy today -- Zillow or LinkedIn? Certainly, both are priced for heady growth, but Zillow's more "conservative" valuation and smaller size mean the company may have more room to run and justify its premium. LinkedIn is already a $10 billion company and may have a harder time justifying that premium going forward.

Furthermore, Zillow has a promising tailwind with the housing recovery under way, and its acquisition of RentJuice will only increase its relevance among agents and brokers everywhere. As he shares in the following video, Zillow is Austin's pick for a better buy today, but both are still too richly priced for him to justify buying shares.

Finding great companies like Zillow and LinkedIn and owning them for the long run is a great way to retire in style, but if you're a little uneasy about their valuation, check out "3 Stocks That Will Help You Retire Rich." In this report, we name the companies that could help you build long-term wealth and retire well, and they're all a bit cheaper than Zillow and LinkedIn today. Click here now to keep reading.

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