FarmVille: Say "thanks" to your friends in new Thanksgiving event


Over the past few months, we've seen the Countdown feature become a permanent part of FarmVille, and it looks like the "FarmVille Friendship" event is quickly earning a place in that permanent category as well. In honor of Thanksgiving, a new FarmVille Friendship installment has launched, giving players a chance to purchase a cheap gift for their most helpful FarmVille neighbors in order to receive a special prize for their own farms in the process.

In this case, players can purchase a Unicornucopia for their neighbors, and they'll receive a Fall Harvest Tree in exchange. A single Unicornucopia costs 5 Farm Cash to send, and you'll be shown a group of six of your neighbors each time you access this promotion's window. Unfortunately, there's no search box here for you to search for a particular friend that you'd like to send a gift to, but each time you close and reopen this promotional window, you'll see a selection of six different friends (its icon is on the right side of the screen).

As we've said time and time again, the best way to approach these kinds of events is to find a single friend that will agree to exchange gifts with you. After you send them a Unicornucopia and they send you one in exchange, you'll have received both prizes for just 5 Farm Cash, which is an incredibly cheap price, especially considering that the main prize here is a Unicorn, which is normally very collectible and therefore expensive.

If you plan on taking part in this "give one, get one" event, you'll need to do so fast, as it's unlikely that these prizes will be available for too long.

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Will you purchase a Unicornucopia for your friends in FarmVille? Have you received one as a gift already? Sound off in the comments!

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