FarmVille Needle in a Haystack: Everything you need to know


If you're familiar with the "Shell Game," the classic game that sees an object being placed under a cup or shell, which challenges you to remember which shell the object is under, you'll instantly recognize the new "Needle in a Haystack" Carnival game that has recently launched in FarmVille. This game replaces the cups and shells with hay stacks, and asks you to keep your eye on a needle that's hidden in the center of one.

You'll be given a free play to test out the game, which works as you'd expect. When you're ready to be observant, you'll need to click the "Play Now" button to set the hay stacks in motion, and must then memorize the needle's location. If you're playing on a slower machine, or the game simply runs slowly for you, this could actually help out in this particular game, as it makes the hay bales move more slowly as a result. After the bales have stopped moving, it's all a matter of clicking on the stack that contains the needle. If you're right, you'll earn tickets, rather than an instant prize.

The incentive with this game is to collect as many tickets as you can either by playing the game when it's available for free, or by purchasing additional rounds with Farm Cash. As you collect tickets, you'll unlock one of six prizes in this early stage of the game, each of which requires an increasingly large amount of Tickets to earn.

1 Ticket - Flowery Haystack
2 Tickets - Fuel Refill
5 Tickets - Mystery Bloom
25 Tickets - Mystery Tree
75 Tickets - Mystery Horse
100 Tickets - Silver Pegacow (a cow with Pegasus wings)

It's also worth noting that the difficulty level will increase as you continue to play, making Tickets harder to earn. Still, if you have en eye for games such as these, there are definitely some neat prizes available to win in the long run. Hopefully though, earning enough Tickets to actually afford them won't be as hard as finding a literal needle in a haystack. Good luck!

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What do you think of this Needle in a Haystack Carnival game? How many tickets have you earned so far? Sound off in the comments!