Facebook hopes to make games more social with Groups feature

Facebook Groups
Facebook Groups

Chances are that you've never been part of a Halo clan or a World of Warcraft guild, but perhaps you've been part of a group of FarmVille fans. As the network moves to take on more sophisticated games, Facebook has announced a new feature for game makers to implement not into their social games, but around them: Groups.

The idea is for games on Facebook to facilitate groups of fans that form around a given game in a more formal way. With this new tool created by Facebook, game makers can create Groups for players to join and share their experiences in (hopefully for both the developers and the players) more meaningful ways.

But whether they will is up for debate. In traditional online games, social play is almost always enhanced when you're part of a larger but more focused group of like-minded players. With more core-focused--as in intensely cooperative or competitive--Facebook games gaining popularity, Groups may certainly serve a similar purpose. But will Groups enhance, say, your digital farming experience? Eh, let's just wait and see about that.

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