CityVille 'City at Night Act 2' Goals: Everything you need to know


As Zynga continues to expand upon CityVille's nighttime mode, players are now able to complete a series of three new goals in Act 2 of the City at Night Saga. The first Act of quests released less than a week ago, but since you can work on all of the City at Night goals in any order, we're here with a complete guide to finishing "City at Night Act 2." Let's get started!

Pep in Your Step!

  • Expand to the Nocturnal Headquarters

  • Ask friends for 20 Coffee Cops

  • Collect 25 Desk Lamps

First things first, the Coffee Cups are earned by posting a general news item to your wall asking for help. Since that's the case, your best bet would be to play the game on so that you can gain help from both friends and strangers at the same time. As for the Desk Lamps, these are earned by collecting from Night Time Businesses. These are items like the Silver Screen Theater and Laugh Shack, which are each available to purchase from the store for 300,000 coins. There are four other options available, but they all cost City Cash to purchase.

Finally, The Nocturnal Headquarters will be found outside your current city's limits, and you'll need to fulfill Zoning Permit and population requirements in order to reach it. If you've already expanded out to the full game board, you can find this Nocturnal Headquarters in your inventory. For completing this first goal, you'll receive 10 City Lights and 300 XP.

Jet Setters

  • Have 20 Night Time Buildings

  • Have 15 Night Time Community Buildings

  • Earn Enough Lights to Level Up

Thankfully, the 15 Night Life Community Buildings count as part of the 20 total building requirement, and you can click on the "Show Me" button in the store to see the Community Buildings that qualify. There, you'll find that the three coin options are rather expensive, costing either 225,000 coins or 750,000 coins each and come in the form of Party Plazas, Late Night City Chats and Twilight Aquariums. As with the businesses above, there are more options than just these three coin buildings, but the rest cost City Cash.

To wrap up this quest, you'll need to collect from your buildings in order to collect City Lights, but the actual amount of City Lights required will depend on how many you've earned all ready. That is, you could only need a few Lights, or you could need a ton, making this goal pretty unique when compared to the others. You'll receive 5,000 Premium Goods and 100 XP for completing this goal.

Made in the Shade

  • Ask friends for 20 Stiletto Heels

  • Collect 50 Lights from Night Time Residences

  • Unlock the First Expansion in the Famous Night Time District

It looks like the Famous Nighttime District is located in the clouds south of the Lakefront expansion, with multiple expansions being available in all. These expansions are different than "normal" expansions, as they need not only coins and Zoning Permits to unlock, but also Lights. As reported on the game's official forums, the first expansion requires 40 Permits, a Light Level of 5 and 20,000 coins. Once you unlock it, you'll gain access to the bases for four buildings. You'll receive the DJ Dance Off Community Building and three Businesses: a Neon Night Club, Laugh Shack, and Silver Screen Theater.

Back in your "regular" town, you'll be able to ask for the Stiletto Heels via a general news post on your wall, and can build homes like the 50,000 coin City Frat House and 50,000 coin Beacon Bed & Breakfast, which both count for the Lights requirement. Since you need to collect 50, it's probably best if you built more than one of each to increase your productivity. For completing this final goal in Act 2 of the City at Night Saga, you'll receive 250 XP and 250,000 coins.

If you've completed every goal in Act 2 up until now, you'll also receive a Business Night Tower as the Act 2 specific prize. Remember, there's still a set of three more goals to complete in Act 3 (they're as-of-now unreleased), leading up to the grand prize of the Night Carnival. Stay tuned for more!

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What do you think of these requirements in Act 2 of the City at Night Saga? Have you already completed the entirety of Act 1, or will you now try and complete all of these goals at the exact same time? Sound off in the comments!