ChefVille 'A Fowl Thanksgiving' Quests: Everything you need to know


Brace yourselves, virtual chefs: ChefVille's Thanksgiving event just got a whole lot bigger via the launch of not one but two new quest series that we'll need to complete over time. One of these events - A Fowl Thanksgiving - deals with upgrading the Turkey Freezer, and you'll only have two days (you read that right) to finish them off. Here's our guide to doing that, so get started (seriously, you've got to be fast).

Cold Turkey

  • Upgrade the Turkey Freezer to Level 2

  • Tend Your Upgraded Turkey Freezer 3 Times

  • Tend 2 Turkey Freezers in Neighbors' Restaurants

While we've brought you a complete guide to upgrading the Turkey Freezer (the upgrade was available before these quests rolled out to all players), here's a refresher. You'll need to collect three Turkey Twine, two Extra Large Ice Cubes, and three Clucky Clingwraps to upgrade the Freezer, with these items being earned through a combination of general news posts on your wall and individual requests sent to neighbors. After it's upgraded, it can be collected from every five minutes, and you'll

receive two Turkeys upon each collection, rather than one. As for the final Neighbor task, you don't have to tend Turkey Freezers that are upgraded, so don't worry if you're "ahead" of your friends at the time. When you complete this quest, you'll receive 20 coins, two Oranges and two Corn.

Get Ready to Gobble

  • Cook 4 Sweet Potato Biscuits

  • Collect 12 Wheat Bread

  • Have 2 Ribbons for the Turkey Sandwich

Both the Sweet Potato Biscuits and Turkey Sandwiches must be cooked in the Thanksgiving Oven, but the Turkey Sandwiches aren't unlocked until you complete the Thanksgiving Feats quests that were released at the beginning of this event (check out our guide for more on that). A single batch of Sweet Potato Biscuits requires two Sweet Potatoes and two Flour, while a Turkey Sandwich requires two Cranberry Sauces, two Turkeys and one Romaine Lettuce. You'll need to be a bit strategic in your cooking of the Sweet Potato Biscuits, since they take a full six hours to prepare. We'd suggest waiting to cook that particular dish until you're about to head to work, school, or even bed.

Remember, you'll only have two days to finish off both of these quests, so feel free to use some of your saved Thymes to pass the Sweet Potato Biscuit task if time is running short for you. Good luck!

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