Bubble Safari: Play CityVille 2 for free coins and more


As Zynga continues to promote CityVille 2 across its many Facebook games, Bubble Safari players are being encouraged to try their hand at city-building via a new cross-promotion that will reward players for reaching Level 10 in Zynga's newest Facebook sequel.

Unlike previous promotions, there's no indication here as to the waves in which this promotion's prizes will be rewarded, but we do know that upon reaching Level 10 in CityVille 2, Bubble Safari players will have received a total amount of 7,500 coins, and temporary access to the game's Extended Aim boost (that lets you see where you bubbles are going to land). If anything, it's likely that these coins will be given away at lower levels, with the rest not being fully available until Level 10 itself.

Reaching Level 10 will likely take you a few days of dedicated play, but remember that you'll only need to reach Level 10 once to receive rewards across other Zynga games as well, like FarmVille and Pioneer Trail. If you're looking for some quick tips to get ahead, make sure to check out our CityVille 2 Cheats & Tips Guide and remember to add yourself to our Add Me page to make new friends that will help you make progress fast. Good luck!

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What do you think of these prizes in the Bubble Safari / CityVille 2 cross-promotion? Will you play CityVille 2 just to earn them? Sound off in the comments!