Blackwood and Bell Mysteries starts sleuthing on iPhone, iPad for free

Mystery Detectives: Blackwood and Bell
Mystery Detectives: Blackwood and Bell

The folks behind the venerable Gardens of Time on Facebook and iOS, Disney's social game studio known as Playdom, has released its second hidden-object game on mobile devices. It's called Mystery Detectives: Blackwood and Bell, and seems like a port of the game Playdom released on Facebook earlier this year of a similar name: Blackwood and Bell Mysteries.

Available now for free on iOS, Mystery Detectives seems to provide a very similar experience to what's currently on Facebook. Players follow international sleuths Blackwood and Bell on adventures in search of clues, which present themselves in hidden-object scenes. Like its browser-based predecessor, players preserve evidence in their own version of Scotland Yard.

Oddly enough, an Internet connection is required to play Mystery Detectives, which offers players to option to challenge their friends via Game Center or Facebook. However, this version of the hidden-object game is not connected with the Facebook version in any way, meaning progress and stats accumulated on iOS will not transfer over to Facebook and vice versa.

Considering Blackwood and Bell Mysteries has a relatively small, but seemingly dedicated, audience on Facebook, for Playdom to release a mobile version of the game is interesting. Perhaps you need a break from the time-traveling antics of Gardens of Time? Solving mysteries in one time period might do the trick.

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